Depression Number One Killer of Ivory Tower Students – Guo Qiang

From China Daily:

Sucking heavily on a cigarette, Hong Qiankun’s father signed a cremation application form for his 26-year old son. The young man’s father was shaking and tears were streaming down his face.

Hong committed by jumping from the seventh floor of an apartment. He left a simple note for his family, “I am not a good son. I cannot find a job. I will be a burden to you someday.” Hong’s father says his son, a post-graduate at the prestigious Tsinghua University, died from .

According to experts, 60 per cent of university who ended their own lives did so out of depression. Depression has become the leading cause of death among university , writes the China Youth Daily on November 27….[Full Text]

November 28, 2006 11:09 PM
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