I Object – Zhu Ling/ESWN

Translated by ESWN:

The following is an excerpt from the book I Object: The Road to Politics by a People’s Congress Member by Zhu Ling. The book is about former People’s Congress representative Yao Lifa, who is more commonly known among the citizens of Qianjiang as “Representative Yao.” The book is ‘banned’ by the General Administration of Press and Publications as announced by its deputy director. The translator of the excerpt below notes that he would have been reading/translating from this book if GAPP had not provided the free publicity.

As background, this excerpt concerns the dismissal of village officials who were elected by popular election. According to the law, they can only be dismissed through a recall vote by the voters. So their dismissal upon orders by town officials was illegal. Why were the town officials so adamant about removing so many of them? [Full Text]

January 30, 2007, 11:56 AM
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