Satire: Huobus’ Top Ten Poor Bastards Chart

 Pic Search Original 11672 24932Ebe7403A6397358906497Af3969 These posters have appeared in various BBS’s and websites. This is a parody of Forbes’ China’s Richest list. called „ÄäÁ•∏Â∏ÉÊñØ„Äã10§ßÁ©∑ÂÖâËõãÊéíË°åʶú (Huobus’ Top Ten Poor Bastards Chart). Here are five of those ten posters, translated by CDT.

Thanks to Jason Li of Virtual China blog for the tip.

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Number 10: Bai Xinku (Mr. Worked for Nothing), unemployed worker; age: 39; monthly income: 200 RMB.

Reason for choice: Since Mr. Bai became unemployed, his livehood was really in trouble. Fortunately his wife was so understanding of the situation and divorced him quickly, and took his son away. Therefore after Mr. Bai’s hard labor as a coolie on the street everyday, he can even make 200 Yuan income per month. His life is happy again.

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Number 9: Wu Renwen (Ms. Nobody Cares), elder widow; age: 70; monthly income: 100 RMB.

Reason for choice: Selling boiled tea eggs on the streets for years, stable income, consistantly on our list every year.

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Number 8: Zhu Bajie (Sister Groveling Pig), garbage picker; age: 60; monthly income 60-70 RMB.

Reason for choice: Miss Zhu’s situation is not new this year, last year she only possessed one trash can. This year, she already has three trash cans at her disposal. She even has a Bank Saving of 200 Yuan at the end of this year. Next year she is most likely off our list.

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Number 4: Zou Beiyun (Mr. Bad Luck), age 47, suburban peasant; monthly income: -50 RMB.

Reason for choice: His son and wife are both sick; he has no house nor farm land, after paying everything he made for their medicine, he still owes a debt of 50 Yuan at the end of the month.

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Number 1, Soccer player Jiao Taichou (Mr. Stinky Feet). Age 24, Monthly income: – 50,000 RMB.

Reason for choice: One would think that Mr. Jiao should be a strong contender for Forbes 200 richest list. However, only after sports circle insider Mr. Hao Dapao (Big Mouth) revealed this information that his situation is even worse than migrant workers. After he paid for drinking in bars, prostitutes, medical fee for other players that he beat up, his monthly debt is at least 50,000 Yuan. So Mr. Jiao is this year’s truly black horse, even passed Mr. Migrant Worker and made to the top of our list. Congratulations.

The full collection is here.

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