Newsdesk: Doing the Nail House Rock in Guangxi – RFA

From RFA Unplugged blog:

Where: Sanhekou village, Beihai City, Province

When: Tuesdsay 3/27 and Wednesday 3/28

What: Up to 1,000 people, including anti-riot police, demolition crew in hard hats, and uniformed personnel in military fatigues, forcibly demolished the village and beat villagers who refused to move; several people were injured; local media are prohibited from reporting the clashes; the local public security bureau has ordered websites to delete photos of and postings about the clashes.

An eyewitness told RFA Mandarin service reporter Ding Xiao: “There were police and public security personnel. They had handed out pamphlets saying their demolition actions were legal. People were injured during the clashes. More than 20 people have been hospitalized, some in serious condition. But their condition is not life-threatening. The people who beat them were not policemen. They were wearing military fatigues. They are ‘professional’ ” they won’t beat you to death.” [Full Text]

April 1, 2007 4:49 PM
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