Mona Lisas By The Dozen At China’s Fake Art Village – The Times of India

From The Times of India:

Coveting a Van Gogh but unwilling to break the bank or into a museum? Head to in southern China where thousands of artists churn out reproductions of masterpieces by the dozen. China’s talent for counterfeiting has created a booming art industry in Shenzhen’s Dafen village , where studios are full of Mona Lisas and impressionist works painted by young Chinese hoping to cash in on a nationwide art frenzy.

“Oil painting is a very big business in China. Around 60% of the world’s oil paintings are produced in Shenzhen,” said Zhang Jingxuan, CEO of Shenzhen GWJB Art, a firm specializing in art reproductions. [Full Text]

October 6, 2007, 1:00 PM
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