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Sina blog posted a performance by a farmer from Jijitan village in the northwest of China, who invented his own hip hop. He said he does not know what hip hop really is. His performance here is a result of his love for folk songs, his frequent imitations of chickens walking, and his arm moves that come from milking his cows. The day of his rap EP release, he dressed up like a typical western China cowboy with a pair of dark glasses. As you will see in the video, the audience from the village had a lot of fun. Watch the video below:

Updated: Lyrics translated by Sophia Cao:

I am from the Jijitan village.
What is ? I don’t know what is .

But I found the way the rooster walks has a great sense of humor.
I copied the way it walks while exercising – lift and release, lift and release.
When I was farming, I invented the way of milking, up and down, like this, like this, see, the milk is coming out.

My golden tooth was made by my friend and is tougher than the horseshoe.
Turning like this, and there you go.

I usually like to sing a song or two.
But I don’t know why people like copying me.

I don’t know what is Chuang Shi Ren [meaning founder, but the pronunciation is very similar to Zhuang Si Ren, which means killing somebody by running him/her over]
I don’t know how to drive a car but only a tractor, and if somebody is hit by car, it is not my fault.

November 19, 2007 7:42 PM
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