China Plans ‘Most Luxurious Train in the World’ to Tibet

Qinghai-Tibet RailroadIf you’re going to ride China’s most controversial rail line, why not do it in swaddled in velvety comfort? From AFP:

“The interior of the train will be decorated according to the standards of a five-star hotel, making it the most luxurious train in the world,” said Zhu Mingrui, general manager of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Corporation.

“Such a train can only seat 96 passengers. The fare would be about 20 times the normal price and also much more than an airline ticket,” he said.

There will be three trains, which will head from Beijing to Lhasa every eight days. The journey will take five days.

Each train will have 12 passenger cars, two dining cars and a sightseeing car. Each passenger car will have four ten-square-metre (108-square-foot) suites featuring a double bed, a living room and bathing facilities.

According to the article, the train is scheduled to start running September 1st, with tickets running a mere $5600 or so.

March 10, 2008 1:42 AM
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