“Patriotic” Voices? Comments from the Global Times Online Forum

Beijing-based Global Times (环球时报) is owned by the People’s Daily and presents a more sensational, and therefore popular, official version of international news. The Global Times website has become an online gathering place for Chinese nationalists. CDT has translated some recent comments from the site below. While it is absolutely true that the nameless, faceless behavior of people online often tends to be extreme, these messages do reveal the more aggressive “patriotic” sentiments that have also been seen in some of the recent anti-West protests. (1) These posts are in response to an article about the Foreign Correspondents Club of China, which released a press statement regarding a deteriorating environment for foreign reporters in China. According to the press statement, more than 10 journalists have received death threats as a result of popular outrage over perceived Western media bias. In response to the Global Times article about the Club’s statement, over 450 comments had been posted as of May 3, 22:42pm (Beijing time). Below are the most recent. None were left out. 2008-05-03 22:42
The song lyrics I love are: “When friends come I bring out good liquor, when the jackals come, I bring out the hunting rifle.” I’d like to add line: “People who fart through the mouth, will get shit stuffed down their throats by me!” 2008-05-03 22:42
Foreign reporters out of China! 2008-05-03 22:38
Are these assholes finished or what? These beasts are annoying as hell, fucking chattering all day. These bastards make one want to throw up. [I] strongly advocate tossing them into the Taiwan Strait to fill it up. They’re like flies. Disgusting. Are these half-breeds trying to sicken Chinese people to death? 2008-05-03 22:37
When the eight united armies invaded China, they made China pay indemnities. Too bad, that’s all history now! But even ...
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5 Responses to “Patriotic” Voices? Comments from the Global Times Online Forum

  1. Choephel says:


    There is so much misunderstanding. There is so much ignorance. This situation is what is giving rise to friction between ordinary Chinese and Tibetans. Enough is enough! Let there be a public debate to:

    1. Prove that there really is a crisis in China with regard to Tibet.

    2. Prove whether Tibet was really a part of China when the latter invaded the former in 1950.

    Let truth thus prevail.

  2. MAC says:

    This is entirely typical, no surprised here. I’d like to suggest instead that CDT compare some of the “translations” of foreign news articles printed the Global Times to the originals. The articles tend to become either entirely complimentary with any hedging removed, or critical with all specifics or insight deleted, depending on what message they want to convey.

  3. Realist says:

    Why do you waste your time translating comments from bulletin boards in China? Given anonymity, any idiot will say outrageous things. You can find similarly ignorant and racist comments by Westerners about China on English language sites.

    Such comments are not indicative of the population as a whole, and they only serve to feed the flames of hatred and racism that drive the extremes of ignorance on both sides.

    Come on, CDT! Let’s keep the discourse at a more intelligent level.

  4. Rosenbaum says:

    What a waste of time, translating these comments.

    Many Chinese people speak English. You’ll find the same comments written in English all over Youtube, Economist.com, and other popular English language websites.

    You’ll also see the other side of the “debate”, comments such as:

    “forever combined S.Korea and US together to destroy Communist Chinese dogs!” and

    “Korea is creator of all Chinese culture!”

  5. candp says:

    ah…so this is just another hate-China hate-communist website….