“Government Historians’ Ten Minute Speed Program”

Charles Custer of ChinaGeeks has translated a post from Hen Huang, Hen Baoli. In it, a humorous look at how government historians may view Chinese :

This is a translation of this post from Hen Huang, Hen Baoli, which seems especially appropriate given upcoming anniversaries that, perhaps, aren’t going to be accurately represented by government authorities.

1. People in history can be fundamentally divided into two kinds: “good people” and “bad people”.
2. In history, the working class were all always good people; the ruling class were always bad people.
3. Historically, the working class was always industrious, courageous, intelligent, and correct; the ruling class was always lazy, weak, stupid, and wrong.
4. In history, war hawks were all national heroes, every war they advocated was correct and patriotic, the peace advocates were degenerate scum and traitors to China, every time they advocated for peace it was a mistake and selling out China.
5. Historically, whenever there was conflict between the Han people and ethnic minorities, [it was because] the ethnic minorities had invaded. The Han generals were national heroes. Whenever there was conflict between China and foreign countries, [it was because] the foreign countries invaded. The generals resisting the invasion were national heroes.

June 1, 2009, 1:26 PM
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