New Details of Chinese Secret Police Local Informants Paying System Revealed

Fresh details surfaced about how a local Domestic Security Department (DSD) of Public Security built its informants network on the ground. CDT online investigation has obtained the following document, published on the news site of a local government, Tianba Town, Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province, on November 7, 2009.  The following translation is the full text of the article. For more on China’s Domestic Security Department (DSD) of Public Security and its local informants network building, please read CDT posts at here, here, here and here.

The Domestic Security Department (DSD) Intelligence Processing System in Tianba Township Promotes a Harmonious and Stable Society

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Posted on: November 7, 2009
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Since the beginning of this year*, Tianba Township has strengthened the township and village level organizations’ united defense, established a work model in which the police and the people cooperate to mutually establish peace, and has pushed forward the “Domestic Security Department (DSD) Intelligence Reporting Assessment and Reward System”. At the same time [Tianba Township] has established the “DSD Intelligence Reporting Assessment and Reward System Leadership Group” with the following members: Group Leader, Jiang Shaohua,the [Tianba] Township’s Party Committee Secretary, Chen Shixi,the Township People’s Government Township Head, Assistant Group Leader Zhuang Yonglin, the Police Station Chief, Jiang Zhixin, the Deputy Police Station Chief, and Fan Long,a member of the Security Cadres and Police.

In order to further strengthen the ranks of the DSD, to comprehensively increase the ability of police stations to maintain stability, and in response to serious social stability developments that Tianba Township faces, [Tianba Township has taken steps to] fully utilize the DSD intelligence gathering channels, and to comprehensively gather deep, inside intelligence that will ensure Tianba’s social and political stability.

The “DSD Intelligence Reporting Assessment and Reward System” Small Leadership Group uses the “Tianba Township DSD Intelligence Reporting Assessment and Reward Plan of Action” to assess information with DSD contact people and informants from each village. [This document] clarifies the method and means of assessing [intelligence] as well as the requirements for reporting information.

In each village, DSD contact people are rewarded 50 RMB monthly for reporting two or more items of valuable intelligence. When a contact person or informant gains in advance information in their jurisdiction concerning five or more people appealing to a higher level of government, or concerning mass incidents involving more than twenty people, and alerts the police ahead of time, they are rewarded 200 RMB for each instance of reporting.

At the end of the year, each contact person is given a comprehensive annual review of the quantity and quality of the information he/she reports. The top three individuals are selected and rewarded. First place is rewarded 1,000 RMB, second place is rewarded 600 RMB, and third place is rewarded 300 RMB. Those who report false or unverified intelligence information have their qualifications as contact persons and informants revoked. As for any negative impacts an investigation might have and the corresponding blame [for these negative impacts], the information reported by contact persons and informants is measured against the records and notes of the office of the Leadership Group.

The main content of the intelligence being assessed includes the following: violent terrorist activities; mass incidents and appeals to higher levels of government that were sparked by the displacement of reservoir refugees, land takings and building demolitions; mass incidents and appeals to higher levels of government sparked by coal mining, environmental pollution and other problems; situations involving the activities of evil cults such as Falun Gong and Disciples’ Society; organized group appeals to higher levels of government that involve remuneration requests of military personnel and discharged substitute teachers, and inter-regional conflicts; mass incidents and appeals to higher levels of government that were sparked by conflicts involving graveyards, mountains and forests, land, construction, water resources, and compensation for land taken for road construction; situations caused by a person’s extreme acts such as the spreading of threats, the premeditated setting off of explosives, poisoning, arson, suicide, etc.; and situations in which ore is illegally extracted from mines that had been closed.

As of recently, the Tianba DSD information center has received a total of 133 items of various types of intelligence information. Of the 133 items of important reported information that were analyzed and organized, 90 items pertained to the DSD and 43 items pertained to the Public Security Bureau (PSB). The implementation of the “DSD Intelligence Reporting Assessment and Reward System” has solidly established the leadership approach to [achieving] public safety by [gathering] intelligence information [to achieve] defense and control. [The “DSD Intelligence Reporting Assessment and Reward System”] has provided a precise foundation upon which to effectively grasp social developments throughout the whole township and to control and attack all manner of illegal, criminal activity in a timely manner. [The “DSD Intelligence Reporting Assessment and Reward System”] has vigorously promoted Tianba Township’s economic development and a harmonious and stable society. (Chen Daoyong)


* Article printed November 7th, 2009

Screenshot of the news article on Tianba DSD network

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