Han Han: Protect Illegal Characters

Blogger extraordinaire Han Han, who has been uncharacteristically quiet in recent weeks, is back with his thoughts about the recent diplomatic tensions between China and Japan over the . Danwei translates:

This is indeed a major event. The Foreign Ministry worked overtime this weekend, pouring out condemnation. In my opinion, if everyone and everything is doing well – life is as one wishes, the wife, kids, home, car, work, leisure, health – are all ok, one can – under the guise of national sentiment – go and make a fuss about protecting the Diaoyu Islands. But if you have something of your own that you haven’t protected, first protect that and then we can talk. Don’t worry yourself about something so far off. Perhaps you’ll say that in this major issue of right and wrong, how could your small misfortune matter? True, but everyone has the right to decide what’s considered a major issue of right and wrong. Take this incident for example.

I think one should first look at the government’s attitude. Who are you to cut in front of the leaders? When the leaders express condemnation, it means that you’re allowed to express condemnation. When the leaders express regret, it means your time for expressing condemnation is over. The leaders want to condemn, but you want to take action. There lies the limits of the leaders’ tolerance. If you really take action, the leaders will have to punish you. This is because they’ve played a big chess piece and it would be inappropriate for you, a little chess piece, to jump off the board. Moreover, in this game of chess, you’re a black piece and the leaders are a white piece. Firstly, this is because workers are always a little more black [tan], and secondly, it’s easy for you to become a black household [citizen without a hukou]. Really, black is the color that most suits you. But, the crucial thing is that when it’s time for the assault, you run out singing black face [crying bad guy], while the leaders sing the white face [play the bad guy]. Don’t be surprised when after the battle, you, mortally injured, see the leaders and the invaders cheerfully discussing a big business deal.

On the Diaoyu Island question, I believe our officials care most about their own internal stability. The oil underwater isn’t all that important. That’s just what Japan wants. Since the 70s, it’s been the reason for their wicked renewed interest in the Diaoyu Islands. In contrast, China’s government just wants stability and doesn’t want to risk its foreign relations or military. Therefore, this once uncomplicated question will certainly become an extremely complicated one.


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