2011 Angus Graham Memorial Lectures Now Online

SOAS Radio has posted a pair of lectures in memory of the late British Sinologist, Angus Graham, by Professor Liu Xiaogan of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The first talk discusses “A Taoistic Sense of Social Responsibility”, while the second scrutinises the term ‘ziran’ 自然, or ‘nature’, as it appears in the Dao De Jing. Also posted is an interview with Professor Liu in which he describes the intersection of his work with Graham’s, and his view of Daoism’s applicability to modern life.

The three new recordings join two from last year’s session: a profile of Graham including interviews with his daughter and other scholars, and a reconsideration by Professor Emeritus Robert H Gassmann of the term ‘de’ 德, usually rendered in English as ‘virtue’.

March 29, 2011 9:34 PM
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