Jeffrey Wasserstrom: Whose Road Led to Hu’s China?

With the CCP celebrating its 90th birthday tomorrow, Jeffrey Wasserstrom which past leader actually had the most influence in building today’s China:

What kinds of historical echoes sound loudest in today’s China? And which past leaders deserve the most credit — and blame — for setting the country on its current trajectory?

These are timely questions as the Chinese Communist Party gears up to celebrate its 90th birthday on July 1. For in China, as elsewhere, milestone moments are fitting times for backward glances and often accompanied by symbolic gestures that invite scrutiny.

One thing is obvious: (1893-1976), though long gone, has hardly been forgotten in the West or East. Nor should he be, in light of the indelible stamp he has left on China.

June 30, 2011 5:26 PM
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