Netizens Show Support for Wukan Revolt

Months of protest to keep a developer off their land have led the people of Wukan, a village of about 20,000, to expel the local government. The siege began Sunday night, ignited by the news that Xue Jinbo, one of the village representatives, died in police custody. Xue is being touted as a martyr for Wukan.

Although most discussion of Wukan has now been scrubbed from Chinese websites, the discussion on the mainland forum Weiyan Net is still up. Below is a selection of translated comments from that thread.

Sent by guest  7 days ago
This is something that should have been negotiated with officials before the National People’s Congress, but the People’s Representatives shrank away like turtles. They left the villagers to make the complaints themselves. Where have the representatives crawled off to die?

Sent by guest 5 days ago
Settle the problem on the basis of democracy and the law.

Sent by Like That Lady Paper (喜欢那女纸) 3 days ago
I haven’t had a chance to try [revolt]. I support you.
还没有机会尝试一下 帮顶

Sent by Boat in the Mist (烟雨孤舟) 3 days ago
The suspect died an unnatural death while in custody. The combination of torture and forced confessions – which we see again and again in China’s current justice system – makes it easy for people to associate forced confessions with abuse from prison guards. The Lufeng mass incident shook the whole country, as countless pairs of eyes have fixed their gaze on the development of the situation. Someone involved suddenly died in custody. Of course it should be disclosed transparently to satisfy the people’s right to know. How can you just say it was a sudden death and that’s that? How can you so casually mention this and leave out the cause of death? Not okay! I’m not afraid of you labeling me as being fueled by external forces. I strongly request the organization of a public investigation group and a complete and detailed investigation of Xue Jinbo’s death.
秀 才江湖:嫌疑人在羁押期间非正常死亡,结合刑讯逼供层出不穷的中国司法现状,很容易让人往刑讯逼供、牢头狱霸上产生联想。陆丰群体性事件是个轰动全国的 大事件,全国人民无数双眼睛都在强烈关注事态发展。当事人在羁押期间突然丧命,理所当然公开透明,满足公众的知情权,岂能你说猝死就猝死!岂能你轻描淡写 一句话就排除其它死因!不行!我不怕你扣帽子说我有外部势力推波助澜,我强烈要求组建公民调查团,对薛锦波的死亡原因从头到尾仔仔细细调查一番。

Sent by guest at 11:14pm 12.15.11
Can’t the villagers have a bit of autonomy? Why dub this organization illegal?

Sent by guest at 10:34am 12.15.11
Lufeng Lufeng Lufeng… Look at what you’ve done! Stirred up such a huge public debate! For a decent life! Can the common people cause such a big incident? Doesn’t the government have any responsibility? You have no responsibility! Not even a little bit! When you eat your fish and meat, you should save a bone and a scrap of rice to feed them [the common people]! Then I don’t believe they would still have objections! You’re all about your own profits! Swallow it all in one bite and choke! Choke to death!
陆 丰陆丰陆丰……..看你做些什么事!做到民意意见这么大!能好好的生活!平民能做出这么的事吗!政府没有责任吗!你们没有责任哦!你们一点责任 也没有!你们吃饭大鱼大肉你也应该把骨头剩饭给他们吃点啊!我就不信他们还会有意见!你们多是为了自己利益!一口吃噎着了咯!噎死啦!


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