Phoenix Weekly Sheds Light on Haimen

The Phoenix Weekly posted a weibo on December 22 reporting on the brutal police crackdown on Haimen protesters, linking to a report from (東方互動). Although Phoenix Weekly didn’t give hard numbers on the number of citizens killed and injured, readers were surprised to see any mention of casualties at all. reported six dead and 200 injured.

Phoenix Weekly is part of the Phoenix New Media group, based in Hong Kong. Phoenix Satellite TV is one of the few overseas networks with landing rights in mainland China. Following is the Phoenix weibo post followed by comments from netizens. Translated by CDT:

Phoenix Weekly: Triggered by anger in Wukan over violation of the people’s rights, riots broke out yesterday in , a village in the Chaoyang district of Shantou City. Residents are protesting the local government’s plans to expand a coal-burning power plant, saying the pollution will affect their livelihood as a fishing village. The government has long disregarded their demands to halt construction. Protesters took to the streets, occupying local government offices and stopping traffic on the highway. The authorities sent 1000 riot police and SWAT personnel to the scene, who violently cleared the streets. Some protesters were killed.
凤凰周刊:受到乌坎村维权怒火的引发,汕头市潮阳区海门镇昨日爆发村民维权暴动。村民抗议当地政府不理民众强烈反对,一意孤行增建燃煤发电厂,污染环境影响 渔民生计,昨日集体上街示威,迅速占据镇政府大楼、堵塞粤东大动脉深汕高速公路,当局派出近千武警、特警暴力清场,造成人员伤亡。

Xu Changye: @Bijin not Bijing: The Phoenix Weekly is finally reporting real news!
许昌业:@弼進不是毕竟: 凤凰周刊才是真正的媒体!

End of Value: The people’s will is Heaven’s will…

TownBright888: I witnessed riot police throwing tear gas canisters into the crowds that included many elderly people and children.

Kuixuan: This country is truly sick. The media have lost their voice, the relevant organs cover up information, web portals are blocked. History repeats itself. As we mock history’s losers, we have no idea who’s watching us go down the same path of no return.

Unmarked Goods: Report: True voice.

Little Lake Little Window: This is the result of years of the government focusing on GDP alone, ignoring the voice of the people and social development~~if things continue on like this, you know what will happen!

WuChengZiandynee: Phoenix Weekly, are you also subordinate?

East Jin Wang Clan: A child that can cry will have milk to drink. If the government has done wrong, it must set things right; if the government hasn’t done wrong, it should continue to suppress the . For all this fuss over a power plant, won’t there be even more of a fuss if there isn’t enough power?

SandyShanShanv: Local authorities have censored news.



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