China and America: Four More Years

Outgoing Chinese president Hu Jintao congratulated Barack Obama on Wednesday after the U.S. president won re-election over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, according to Xinhua News: Hu said in a message that China-U.S. relations made positive progress in the past four years as a result of joint efforts. Hu said he and Obama have reached consensus on building a China-U.S. cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit, and on exploring the construction of new relations between big powers. Bilateral mechanisms including the Strategic and Economic Dialogue and the High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange have produced good results, he said, adding the two countries have conducted fruitful coordination and cooperation in bilateral and major international and regional affairs, he said. Maintaining steady, healthy and stable development of Sino-U.S. relations is in the fundamental interests of both peoples and conducive to peace, stability and development in the Asia-Pacific and the world at large, Hu said. Voice of America reports that Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei echoed Hu’s diplomatic tone: “Maintaining a steady, healthy and stable development of China-U.S. relations serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples as well as peace, stability and development of the Asia Pacific region and beyond,” said said Hong Lei. “China is ready to work with the U.S. side, look to the future and make continuous efforts for fresh and greater progress in the building of China-U.S. cooperative partnership and deliver greater benefits to the two peoples and people of the world.” Chinese netizens reflected on the U.S. election with curiosity and indifference, and one political observer told CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout that China would be pleased that Obama won because “it’s better to have the devil you know.” Official media, meanwhile, presented a mixed reaction and stressed the need to improve ...
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