Netizen Voices: Doubts Over Xi Fan Club Weiber

Zhang Hongming, the man behind the Learn from Xi Fan Club.
Does incoming President Xi Jinping have a stalker? After months of anonymous posts, the blogger behind the “Learn from Xi Fan Club” Weibo account (@学习粉丝团) revealed himself in an interview with the Associated Press earlier today. Followed by over 825,000 people, the account is filled with photos of Xi traveling the country. Zhang Hongming, a migrant worker from Sichuan Province, told the AP he wanted to end speculation about his identity. He even posted a photo of himself on Weibo, tucked under the covers to fight the cold. Zhang left this final message to his readers: @xuexifensituan: Farewell. I came with joy, I leave in sorrow. Tears are all I can give, torment is all I can keep. Despite my suffering, I must persevere a while longer. Thank you to all my disciples and fans. Perhaps our countrymen aren’t ready for us. I am full of self-reproach and regret. If you share my interests, send me a private message: 605789327 I’m at: (February 11 15:27) @学习粉丝团:再见,那天我开心的来了,今天我深怀的走了。挥之不去的是泪水,留下孤独的是煎熬。哭了,痛了,也要坚强一回。谢谢各位同门粉丝,也许国民现 有认知容不下我们,我很自责和遗憾。有共同爱好加私扣605789327我在: Far from satisfied, weibers suspect Zhang is actually a propaganda worker. Chen Tong, chief editor at Sina Weibo, quipped: @laochen: No matter what, the masses will still believe you are from [Xi’s] office…  Why don’t you just admit it 🙂 @老沉:广大群众死活不愿相信你不是办里的。。。实在不行就承认吧 Other netizens were less delicate: @dandanteng: Don’t you think you’re being melodramatic? F**k! @淡但疼:我能很贱的说,什么泪水之类的,能不用这么煽情么?F*** @xuhan-Han: Aren’t you one person? How did you become “us”? @徐晗-Han:不是一个人吗?怎么又成我们了?
The Learn from Xi Fan Club has accounts on multiple microblogging platforms. This photo appeared on Sohu Weibo.
@tengjunyouyou: Don’t you sneak out without answering these questions: 1. How did you get to know the travel schedule of the national leader? 2. Where did you get these close-ups? @藤逡悠悠:这几件事你没做解释就想溜?1、国家领导人的行程你是如何得知?2、领导人的近距离照片你是如何获得的?… @thistle2012: A thousand words, a million ...
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One Response to Netizen Voices: Doubts Over Xi Fan Club Weiber

  1. Will says:

    What a pompous sedan-chair bearer that Xi Fan Club Weiber propagandist Zhang is…. good riddance.