PLA Unit 61398 Recruitment Notice Found

This 12-story building on the outskirts of Shanghai is the headquarters of Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army. China’s defense ministry has denied that it is responsible for initiating digital attacks. (New York Times)
China’s Ministry of National Defense quickly denied charges outlined in a widely circulated report from information security firm Mandiant that exposed a specific unit of the People’s Liberation Army as responsible for hacking against the U.S. and other countries. Reuters reports a statement published on the Ministry’s official website called into question the evidence put forth by The New York Times, saying, “The report, in only relying on linking IP address to reach a conclusion the hacking attacks originated from China, lacks technical proof.” Well, thanks to the shrewd detective work of Chinese netizens, we now have further evidence–a 2004 notice, still viewable on the website of Zhejiang University (at the time of this article’s publication), titled “China’s People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398 Recruiting Graduate Students” [zh]. The Graduate School has received notice that Unit 61398 of China’s People’s Liberation Army (located in Pudong District, Shanghai) seeks to recruit 2003-class computer science graduate students. Students who sign the service contract will receive a 5,000 yuan per year National Defense Scholarship. After graduation, students will work in the same field within the PLA. Interested Zhejiang University 2003-class graduate students should please contact Teacher Peng in the Graduate Division before May 20. (Cao Guangbiao room 108; phone: 87952168) Graduate Division
May 13, 2004 Via CDT Chinese. Translated by Little Bluegill. ...
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10 Responses to PLA Unit 61398 Recruitment Notice Found

  1. BobbyWong says:

    Hey, kudos on the ability to search “61398部队” on Baidu. I wonder why you didn’t meniton the other stuff Baidu returned, like their preschool, educational websites they’re working on. Maybe that explains why they are looking for IT talent.

    Could it be because NED will withdraw funding if you don’t generate negative news about China? Fact is the scholarship notice said nothing about hacking.

  2. Trm says:

    @bobbywong: the ad mentions a national defense scholarship. Would such scholarships normally be advertised for positions intended to build preschool web sites?

  3. John Artman says:

    This ad only proves the existence of Unit 61398, nothing else.

  4. Bo Peep says:

    Good for Mandiant!

    Keep up the great work and expose the crimes of the Chinese Communists and their PLA! Help free the Chinese People from their terrible yoke!

  5. Will says:

    Naturally the job ad would say nothing about cyber-espionage or computer hacking. Yet the notion that a PLA computer-science unit would be spending all their time setting up pre-schools and educational sites is either ingenuous or naïve.

  6. ConMom says:

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