Netizen Voices: New Rules, Old Hat in Chongqing

Netizen Voices: New Rules, Old Hat in Chongqing
Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun (Dasu Lao Zhang)

and Wang Lijun (Dasu Lao Zhang)

New rules of conduct for Party members and officials were issued on September 11. From [zh]:

The “‘Eight Forbiddens’ of Politics and Discipline for Chongqing Party Members and Cadres” states that municipal Party members and cadres must strictly obey the Party constitution; keep steadfast their ideals and faith; maintain the same high standard as the Party Central Committee in thinking, politics, and action; stand your ground on matters of principle and issues of right and wrong; firmly uphold the authority of the central authorities; and ensure the smooth implementation of rulings. Do not spread opinions that go against the theories, directions, and policies of the Party, and do not issue statements which contradict decisions made by the central authorities; do not leak Party or state secrets; do not join illegal organizations or organize, plan, instigate, support, or participate in illegal activities.


These rules come to the city once run by Bo Xilai, tried last month for corruption charges, and  seem to be targeting the excesses of the Bo era:

The “‘Twelve Do-Nots’ for Chongqing Party Members and Cadres” stipulate: do not gamble; do not host extravagant celebrations or take advantage of such events to amass wealth; do not have improper relations with the opposite sex; do not participate in activities involving the company or service of the opposite sex; do not request or accept invitations to meals, travel, or fitness or recreation opportunities from those you manage or serve; do not hold membership cards.


“This kind of thing is completely useless,” writes 小鱼大羽 on . “Without supervision, the regulations and laws are merely in .txt format,” referring to computer text files (这种东西一点用没有,没有监督就是规章制度法律就是txt而已). The implication is that corruption will continue until the legal system can convert these “.txt files” to “.exe files,” programs that actually run.

Other Weibo commenters have their say:

跨省喝咖啡: Joining illegal organizations is strictly forbidden… Ha ha ha, is your honorable party legal?


Jade_Guo: Do not poison foreigners, do not enter foreign embassies


陈大龙V: What if someone breaks these rules? Will he be wrapped three times on his palm?


花少年梁阿寶要增肥又變壯:Were these actually allowed before??


默涵_MOHAN: It looks like I’ll have to return the 10-yuan membership card I got at my neighborhood barber shop before I can join the Party.


Read more comments at CDT Chinese [zh].

Translation by Mengyu Dong.


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