BBC Forum on the Internet in China

BBC’s The Forum held a roundtable discussion in Beijing focusing on the Internet, featuring , Qiao Mu, Priscilla Jiao, and . From their introduction to the show, which was hosted by Bridget Kendall:

[..D]oes the rise of digital empower the Chinese individual or the state? How is the social media explosion changing the nature of Chinese society? How much is free expression really curtailed by the Great Firewall of China and the recent legislation aimed at curbing the spread of ‘rumours’ on the net? And is the ability to share the minutiae of their lives online making the young in China politically apathetic? [Source]

Al Jazeera also looked at Internet censorship in China, focusing more specifically on , and included interviews with writer Lijia Zhang, Xia Yeliang, and Bingchun Meng.