Wang Yang: A Rising Star in China – Fong Tak-ho

From Asia Times:

 Atimes China Images Wang-YangWang Yang, 52, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary of Chongqing municipality, is known to be a favorite protege of Prime Minister Wen Jiabao…

Wang is now widely tipped to be elected into the new Politburo at the 17th Party Congress in autumn, and possibly even into the all- powerful standing committee of the Politburo.

Ahead of the congress, Wang is winning credit as an enlightened leader.

..The Chongqing government succeeded in resolving the so-called “coolest nail house” in history by striking an agreement that satisfied both the owner and the project developer.

The incident is said to have set a significant precedent for the enlightened enforcement of property laws…

Chongqing’s open mind in dealing with the media over the long-running saga has also won approval. Unlike many other cities that would have imposed a media blackout, Chongqing allowed unrestricted coverage of the incident. No doubt, credit must be given to Wang, the top leader in the Chongqing municipality. [Full text]

May 2, 2007 10:34 AM
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