Bird flu: Beijing demands rapid response – Bao Daozu

Xin 2710022508393932820114 From The China Daily:

Three hours. That’s the maximum it should take for a bird-flu outbreak anywhere in the country to be reported to Beijing.

The exacting timeline is part of a contingency plan hammered out by the Ministry of Agriculture to counter possible outbreaks of the potentially-fatal influenza this autumn and winter.

According to the plan made available to China Daily yesterday, an outbreak in any county or city must be reported to provincial authorities within 2 hours; and after confirmation, the provincial veterinary bureau must report to the ministry within an hour.

Any one can report an outbreak to a veterinary bureau, and inform authorities about any misconduct by a department or person in disease prevention, the document said.

See also “Bird flu outbreak kills 545 fowl in China” from the AP.

October 25, 2005, 6:44 PM
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