Democracy Is A Good Thing – Yu Keping

ESWN has translated a widely-discussed essay by Yu Keping, deputy director of the Central Translation Bureau and director of Center for Chinese Government Innovations at Beijing University: Democracy is a good thing, and this is not just for specific persons or certain officials; this is for the entire nation and its broad masses of people. Simply put, for those officials who care more about their own interests, democracy is not only not a good thing; in fact, it is a troublesome thing, even a bad thing. Just think, under conditions of democratic rule, officials must be elected by the citizens and they must gain the endorsement and support of the majority of the people; their powers will be curtailed by the citizens, they cannot do whatever they want, they have to sit down across the people and negotiate. Just these two points alone already make many people dislike it. Therefore, democratic politics will not operate on its own; it requires the people themselves and the government officials who represent the interests of the people to promote and implement. [Full text] ...
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One Response to Democracy Is A Good Thing – Yu Keping

  1. Juandy says:

    Hope there are more persons like Yu Ke Ping in China and hopefully in the Government…

    I think I’m gonna google for more of Yu Keping
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