How Did Starbucks Enter The Forbidden City? – Luqiu Luwei

 Bluesmile 9Db22B6B From Letters From China:

Whereas CCTV host urges to get out of the Forbidden City, Luqiu Luwei(闾丘露薇), Phoenix TV reporter, asks in her blog: how did Starbucks enter the ? (in translation):

It seems to be a big story now. Of course, it is good to see people care about the protection of the Forbidden City. But the question is, when we are [demanding] Starbucks to get out of the Forbidden City, why don’t we just reflect how did Starbucks get into the Forbidden City?

I think it is a question of management of the Forbidden City. If we want accountability, should we not expect the management to consider not only rental income, but also questions like how to ensure harmonious environment?…[Full Text]

Also read the original Chinese post here.

January 16, 2007 10:43 PM
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