China Milk Scandal Widens as Melamine Found in Yogurt (Video added; Update: 3rd death reported)

Melamine, the same chemical at the center of the Sanlu milk controversy, has been found in Yili brand yogurt. Bloomberg reports: Hong Kong’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department found melamine in Yili’s “Natural Choice Yogurt Ice-bar with Real Fruit,” Wellcome said in its statement. The supermarket operator said it will stop selling all Yili brand ice cream as a precaution. Other products made by the dairy company will still be for sale, according to Annie Sin, Wellcome’s marketing and communication manager. Wellcome had sold Yili ice cream products in some of its more than 250 stores in Hong Kong, Sin said. People who answered the 24-hour hot line of the Food and Environmental Hygiene’s Center for Food Safety in Hong Kong said no statement had been issued and that they couldn’t comment. Meanwhile, state media is reporting that 20% of dairy companies investigated in the wake of the Sanlu scandal have been found to have produced baby formula tainted with melamine, according to a Reuters report. The following was posted on Duowei News, translated by CDT: Chinese Infant Formula Scandal Widens In recent days Chinese officials have tried to shift all responsibility in the ongoing tainted infant milk formula scandal onto the Sanlu Group, publicizing the fact that the company knew about the tainted milk products for six weeks but tried to cover up the situation. This effort is an attempt to turn public opinion against the corporation and away from criticism of the government to prevent damaging China’s image after the Olympics. A well-known domestic Chinese portal website sent a journalist to report in an ongoing column from the Sanlu headquarters, but on Sunday September 14 all articles regarding the case were removed. An employee of the website confirmed that the Central Propaganda Department Internet Bureau issued a directive ...
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4 Responses to China Milk Scandal Widens as Melamine Found in Yogurt (Video added; Update: 3rd death reported)

  1. Jesse Le says:

    Shame on the central government. Hu and Wen needs to come out and apologize. Right now they are still playing ostrich with this whole thing. The CCP has totally ruined ‘Brand China’ with their greed and incompetence.

  2. Paulina Hartono says:

    Given the string of food safety violations, I think it’s safe to say most people are going to be wary of ‘Brand China’ foods.

    But what about other Chinese products, like, say, appliances? I’m wondering if these incidents will have ramifications for Chinese products more broadly.

  3. Lashonda Collins says:

    As long as the illegal authorities remain in China, what do you expect?

    The Chinese people tolerate this, and even think, to avoid talking about it, letting the truth be known.

    In fact, many Chinese people believe that criticizing the CCP is criticizing China itself, an act of treason punishable by a fate worse than death itself.

  4. Jimmy Donahue says:

    The World Bank recently examined 20 of the most severely polluted cities in the world. Sixteen of these cities are located in China, and Linfen City, in Shanxi Province, was cited as the world’s most polluted city.

    Should anyone be surprised?

    The problem for China is reform or rather replacement of the corrupt Communist Party.

    Speaking of which, here at home, we certainly got our fair share of corruption as well to deal with!