Photos: A Look at China

CDT presents a look back at the past few weeks in China. The following from late August include subjects from the everyday to the extraordinary. and captions (here, translated) can be found at (1, 2).


The Guangzhou station became a “place of grief” as left-behind kids cry as they return to the countryside by train. Guangzhou is the transportation hub for millions of migrant workers in Southern China.


Changsha’s first student to enter the guzheng department at the Central Conservatory of Music in 30 years is a 9-year-old girl from Xiangxi. Her scores were the top in the nation to test into this school, and she will go straight to university!


New brides lift their veils at the Rose Wedding ceremony in August 29.

4 movies

On August 29th, director of “Let the Bullets Fly” Jiang Wen (third from the left), Ge You (2nd from left), and others on the red carpet at the premiere.


A thousand people gather together for a lively blind date event during the 26th of August’s “Qixi Festival” [note: somewhat analogous to the Western Valentine’s Day] in the city of Xian, located in Anhui Province. The event planners organized over 1000 singles to participate in blind dates. Within the event were introductions, a talent show, as well as other items, all of which gave these young men and women opportunities to get to know one another.

6 miss tourism

On August 23, the ladies from Miss Tourism Queen International take a group photo in front of a Shaolin Temple gate in Dengfeng, Henan. The Miss Tourism Queen contestants came from 120 countries and regions to visit Shaolin Temple.

6 advertisement

In the afternoon in Wuhan, this reporter spotted an eye-catching small advertisement affixed to the front of a white police car. The advertisement is for making fake IDs and seals, and includes a contact number.

8 womens school

The province’s first women’s school in Chengdu’s Immaterial Culture and Heritage Park has begun classes. Zhou Yongchen, who is in charge of the school, [stated that] the intention in launching the school was to return classical, gentlewomanly cultivation to the modern woman and to promote Chinese traditional culture.

9 courtroom

In the morning of the 24th of August, Anhui’s Chaohu city Party secretary, Zhou Guangquan, received his verdict in Anqing’s mid-level for accepting a bribe, and possessing large sum of money from unkown sources. The Anqing mid-level court ruled that Zhou Guangquan would receive life imprisonment, be stripped of political rights for the rest of his life, and have his property confiscated.

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