Society ‘Strike Hard’ Campaign Targets Violent Crimes

From China Daily:

Police across the country have started a massive seven-month to curb rising crimes and ease escalating social conflicts.

Known in Chinese as yanda, or “,” the campaign is targeting extreme violent crime, gun and gang crime, telecom fraud, human trafficking, robbery, prostitution, gambling and drugs, the Ministry of Public Security announced on Sunday.

Police nationwide were also told to watch high-risk places such as suburbs, and to nip violence in the bud by being more vigilant to social conflicts and helping resolve problems.

“China, during a process of social and economic transformation, is facing emerging social conflicts and new problems in social security,” Zhang Xinfeng, vice-minister of public security, told a national meeting on Sunday.

“Police at all levels must fully realize the complexity of the problem.”

This is the fourth such round of yanda in China since 1983. During the campaign, police usually take tough measures against crimes and judicial authorities hand down swifter and harsher penalties.

See also the Associated Press for its coverage of the ‘strike hard’ campaign.

June 14, 2010 9:31 PM
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