Zijin Group Admits Vain Attempt to Bribe

The General Administration of Press and Publication have confirmed Zijin Group’s attempts to suppress journalists’ coverage of the Fujian acid spill. From China Daily:

China’s top press watchdog on Thursday confirmed that the Zijin Mining Group, the country’s biggest gold producer, tried to bribe reporters to hush up a major toxic waste leak at the company’s copper mine in Fujian province.

The General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP), citing results of its probe, said reporters covering the scandal had refused to accept the money offered by the company and the local government.

The journalists continued to report the scandal, despite being offered large sums of money, the GAPP said. Reporters from People’s Daily, 21st Century Business Herald and Shanghai Securities News are among those who were investigated, it said, adding that the public is encouraged to tip off the administration if they know of any journalists who have accepted bribes.

Read more about the bribery allegations via CDT.

August 28, 2010 3:08 PM
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