Hu Xijin: When I Trust the Party Central Committee

Hu Xijin: When I Trust the Party Central Committee

Ever since Global Times Chief Editor Hu Xijin opened a Weibo account, netizens have gone to town on him, calling him out on his party-line rhetoric. One of his posts on March 15, the same day Bo Xilai was sacked, was forwarded 1860 times and commented on 2036 times:

When information is too little or too great, I trust the Party Central Committee. This is rationale and faith.

The comments section function of his post (and all Weibo posts) is currently disabled, but you can read Hu’s original post and the comments he got here.

Translation by Deng Bolun.

PileOfScapegoats: The Party Central Committee said Liu Shaoqi was a traitor. Later they said he wasn’t a traitor. Which one will you have the common people believe, Editor Hu?

coattail_GT: You trust the Party, but does the Party trust you?

IrisLiveWell: I deeply feel that Hu is the Party’s instrument for measuring the people’s IQ.

JiangTranslationOfficial: F*** your mother you super fifty-center!

ConstitutionalGovernmentHawkzs: With these remarks Editor Hu has interpreted 90 years of history for us while adding his own interesting aside.

Prince’sSwordWenBuqun: The Communist Party’s faith: The people are more objective!!! The people are wiser!!! The people are fairer!!! You dog f***er, you’ve abandoned the Party’s faith!!! You’re just a bigwig dog!!! You’re a bastard that sails with the wind!!!

ansai200: A good habit. I just want to know, do you believe in the party of Mao Zedong Party or Zhang Guotao?

PartyGrandDHW: Editor Hu has finally spoken. He means that no matter what he will stand on the side of victory. This is “rationale” as well as “faith,” but even more it is the path to survival.

StarOfCaoGuo: You say when you are confused, just trust in the Party. You believe the most powerful person regardless of who he is, whether he is reasonable, or whether he is moral. Whatever the most powerful person’s judgement, you will follow. You say this is your rationale, and I can understand. But this is your faith? Do you believe in power?

VisAKindOfVanity: Please don’t muddle this Party spirit with “rationale.”

TuCaoReview: When you get Article 73’ed, Editor Hu, don’t forget your faith…

SuxiNorthSlope: Teacher Hu, the Party is a pot of porridge [a chaotic mess]. Who should you trust? A flunky is a difficult role not to take. With everyone kowtowing, aren’t you afraid of bowing to the wrong person?

Fangbushengfang007: Your sons and grandsons will read your words, whether in China or the US.  You should think about their feelings!

Deng Jihong: The masters fight, the lackey gets caught in the middle.

Wu_Ming: When information is just right, would you no longer believe the Party Central Committee?

Zi_yun: Huh.  This is why he can be editor-in-chief.

VLurenJia: One word for your post: barf.

StumblingWind: Old Hu! After you publish your posts, do you actually read the comments? I really want to know.

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