Weibo: A Newspaper’s Penance

At midnight on Saturday May 5, Beijing News posted an eerie message on its Weibo page. China Media Project translates: In the still of the deep night, removing that mask of insincerity, we say to our true selves, “I am sorry.” Goodnight.
在夜深人寂时,卸下言不由衷的面具,对真实的自己说声“对不起”。晚安。 For thousands of commenters, this cryptic post was a catharsis. On Friday, Beijing News and three other major Beijing newspapers ran four different editorials attacking Gary Locke and the U.S. government for using Chen Guangcheng as a “tool” against China. So many Weibo users lashed out against the Beijing Daily editorial that the paper’s name was scrubbed from Weibo search results later that day. It remains blocked as of posting.
“According to the relevant regulations and policies, search results for ‘Beijing Daily’ cannot be shown.”
After nearly 24 hours online, Beijing News’ apology finally disappeared. Below are a selection of comments from among 3,407. More comments are available from CDT Chinese. Translated by Deng Bolun. HappyLife: Conscience is undying, it still has breath.
噜一世:良知未泯,一息犹存 XiaoYa0906: Seeing this Weibo late at night make my nose sting with tears. Striving for life squeezed in a crevice is very difficult. It’s fortunate that the conscience is undying. There is still hope.
小雅0906:深夜看到此微博,令人鼻酸。夹缝中求生存,殊为不易。好在良知未泯,希望尚在 zmat: In the 1980s, when I started working at a big American company, the company required this: when you are introducing the company and its products, you don’t have to say anything, but never can you speak irresponsibly or lie. When you have no choice but to your compare products with those of competitors, you can only point out the special features of our products, but by no means can you attack the competition. And you certainly can’t fabricate or obscure right and wrong.
zmat:八十年代,当我加入美国的大公司后,公司要求我们: 在与用户介绍公司和产品时,你可以不说,但绝不可以瞎说,不可以说谎。当你不得不与竞争对手的产品比较时,你只可以突出自己产品的特点,决不可以攻击对手,更不能无中生有,混淆是非。 (37分钟前) freetree2010: In the still of the night, quietly recall your lost ...
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One Response to Weibo: A Newspaper’s Penance

  1. Will says:

    The Beijing News May 5th poster deserves congratulations for articulating the discomfit of those under an authoritarian regime who bow to decrees that require them to lie and falsify on the job.