[GRAPHIC] Weibo: Homage to Li Wangyang

The death of political activist Li Wangyang, found with a noose around his neck on June 6, has caused outrage in China and beyond. Li spent over 20 years in prison for his involvement in the Tiananmen protests. Released for the second time last May, he was blind and nearly deaf from years of torture. Hanging from the bars of his hospital room window, hospital staff and local authorities insisted Li had committed suicide. His family and supporters, however, insists that it was murder: he was too ill, and his two feet were on the floor. Under pressure from Hong Kong activists, China has since promised to investigate the cause of death. Weibo user ylovey528 posted this message and image on June 14 in homage to Li: ylovey528: Wen Jiabao: Sorry, I am too late.
ylovey528:温家宝:对不起,我来晚了。 From Right to Left: For democracy, an ordinary man will rise and fall with the nation. Even if I am beheaded, I won’t retreat.
為民主,國家興亡匹夫有貴,我就是砍頭,我也不回頭。 Health is dear, life is dearer. Both can be given up for freedom.
溫飽誠可貴 生命價更高 若為自由故 兩者皆可失 Premier Wen has notoriously apologized for arriving late to the scene of many natural and man-made disasters, most recently after last July’s deadly train crash in Wenzhou. Just days before his death, Li told Hong Kong Cable TV “I won’t retreat, even if I am beheaded.” The last two lines are adapted from a poem by Sándor Petőfi, a hero of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848; even Chinese schoolchildren know these words: Life is dear, love is dearer. Both can be given up for freedom.
生命诚可贵,爱情价更高;若为自由故,二者皆可抛   ...
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9 Responses to [GRAPHIC] Weibo: Homage to Li Wangyang

  1. BobbyWong says:

    Feet on the ground is no proof conspiracy theory, ever heard of partial suspension hanging? Partial suspension hanging is actually quite common, especially in institutional settings:


    “by means of partial suspension or partial weight-bearing on the ligature. This method has been most often used in prisons or other institutions, where full suspension support is difficult to devise.”

  2. Will says:

    A fifty-cent party member has claimed that reasonable suspicions of Li Wangyang’s murder while under police custody in the hospital are “conspiracy theory.” How is a blind and partially paralyzed man able to hang himself? This “suicide” is even less believable than village official Qian Yunhui’s “accidental” smashing to death under a truck when surrounded by half a dozen plain-clothes thugs several months ago. What all this suggests that the criminal underworld features of the CCP and its pet police force have become increasingly prominent–though they were never totally absent.

  3. BobbyWong says:

    Will, I’d like to see you back up your “fifty-cent party” McCarthyist accusation against me.

    Ironic considering the fact CDT is funded by the US government via NED grants, and you have no problem with their propaganda.

  4. LeePeng says:

    BobbyWong is a well know prolific wumao poster, he works here and a few other website. He may also post under a number of different handles. As with all wumaos he is completely shameless in his work as a paid sockpuppet and apologist for the CCP.

  5. BobbyWong says:

    LP where is your proof? As with all McCarthyist accusation, they fall apart when challenged.

  6. Will says:

    Because the CCP flag-waver BobbyWong has no response to the facts that Li Wangyang was “suicided” while under police custody and that Li’s relatives and many friends have been disappeared by the regime, he has little recourse but to hurl epithets such as “McCarthyist.” Wong shows no understanding of what the phenomenon of early 1950s McCarthyism actually was.

  7. BobbyWong says:

    Will, where’s your evidence I’m paid? Your baseless fiftty cent party & CCP flag waver accusation id exactly the same as what was done during the 50’s.

    I’ll ask you again to produce evidence against me. Or you have no interest to discuss the facts such as prevelance og partial suspension hanginh?

  8. Will says:

    BobbyW’s attempt to change the subject from the reform-minded activist Li Wangyang’s death under police custody to a mere cheerleader for authoritarian rule like himself will not succeed.

  9. BobbyWong says:

    Will, people like you changed the subject the second you started accusing opinions you don’t like as paid propaganda (on a propaganda site paid for by my tax dollars via NED grants none the less).

    Where’s your proof I’m paid? Where’s your evidence of foul play? The feet touching ground is no proof, since studies have shown majority of hanging suicide, especially in institutional setting, are partial hanging suicide.

    Li was in a hospital where he was free to receive visitors, all those pictures posted proves he had degrees of freedom in the hospital room and could have committed suicide.