Ministry of Truth: Holiday Leftovers

The following censorship instructions, issued to the media by central government authorities, have been leaked and distributed online.
Lawyer Li Zhuang cried foul on heavenly price the courts charged him for photocopies.
Central Propaganda Department: The Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway opens on December 26. Related reports must give this positive publicity. Do not produce negative reports or commentary. (December 25, 2012) 中宣部:京广高铁于26日开通,相关报道要坚持正面宣传,不作负面报道评论。 Chinese journalists and bloggers often refer to those instructions as “Directives from the Ministry of Truth.” CDT has collected the selections we translate here from a variety of sources and has checked them against official Chinese media reports to confirm their implementation. Central Propaganda Department: With regards to additives in children’s food products, unify reporting in accordance with the information issued by authoritative bureaus. Do not follow your whim and quote rumors or news from other sources. (December 25, 2012) 中宣部:对涉儿童食品添加剂的报道要严格控制,按权威部门发布内容统一报道,不随意转引其他来源的谣言和信息。 Central Propaganda Department: No media are to republish, report, or comment on the contents of a report on eight provincial Party secretaries who have been eliminated over the past four years. (December 25, 2012) 中宣部:对有关近四年落马的八名省级党委政府秘书长的报道内容,各媒体不转载不报道不评论。 Caixin published this report on these eight former provincial Party secretaries and vice-secretaries, including a chart listing their criminal convictions and sentences [zh], on December 21. The chart names Wu Zhiming of Jiangxi Province, Peng Yong of Hubei, Bai Zhiming of Inner Mongolia, Xie Pengfei of Guangdong, and Zhang Zezhong of Shandong, all former vice-secretaries; and Zhang Wanqing of Shandong, Chen Shaoyong of Fujian, and Feng Shunqiao of Zhejiang, all former secretary-generals. Central Propaganda Department: The media are not to republish or comment on reports by certain media outlets on the recent sale of houses at reduced prices by employees of government agencies in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces. (December 25, 2012) 中宣部:对个别媒体关于广东、江苏多地近日出现政府机构人员放盘卖房现象的报道,各媒体不转载不评论。 Central Propaganda Department: Firmly control the type and degree of reporting ...
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