Netizen Voices: At NPC, Nail-Biter of an Election

During an interview with foreign media on Monday, National People’s Congress (NPC) spokeswoman Fu Ying told reporters that elections would be held for the president, prime minister, and other national leaders. From Xinhua [zh]:

The 12th NPC Standing Committee head, vice-head, secretary-general, and members are to be elected. The national chairman and vice-chairman will be elected. The prime minister will be decided by vote. The vice-premier of the State Council, State Council members, ministry heads, committee heads, People’s Bank of China president, auditor-general, and State Council secretary will be decided by vote. The chair of the Central Military Commission will be elected. The vice chair and committee members of the Central Military Commission will be decided by vote. The head of the People’s Supreme Court will be elected. The head of the People’s Supreme Procuratorate will be elected. Eight other NPC special committee members will be on the ballot.

将 选举十二届全国人大常委会委员长、副委员长、秘书长、委员,选举国家主席、副主席,决定国务院总理的人选,决定国务院副总理、国务委员、各部部长、各委员 会主任、中国人民银行行长、审计长、国务院秘书长的人选,选举中央军委主席,决定中央军委副主席、委员的人选,选举最高人民法院院长,选举最高人民检察院 检察长,表决通过其他八个全国人大专门委员会组成人员的人选名单。

Netizens are exclaiming about the “suspense” of this “election,” made all the more exciting because average citizens do not know who the candidates are. From Weibo:

@HeBing: The moment of truth has arrived.


A professor at China University of Political Science and Law, He Bing revealed on Weibo last April that older cows were being given hormones to continue producing milk.

@Luobiaoxz: It’s hard to decide whom I should vote for. Speak up, people. Let’s hear what the rabble have to say.


@Donghaisandaiyufu: This is so suspenseful that we don’t even know who the candidates are.

@东海三代渔夫: 悬念大到都不知候选人有谁

@Fengjixuchuiyjm: So nervous. But it seems my ballot hasn’t been sent yet.


@sunwoo888: There are fewer than 3,000 people eligible to vote. Don’t worry.


@IWantToHaveBallotXI: What if I get elected?


@JiaMinhuiculturedsexy: Is there prize money if we guess the results correctly?


@Chending_Newsky: Wow, did we have ballots delivered overnight? Where is mine? I’ll vote for Boss Xi!


@Junqixielu: What are they bullshitting about? Even in our village, the old granny I ran into yesterday told me that Xi is the chairman and Keqiang the premier.


@Asusuola: Go to hell, America! You guys get either A or B every time for the election. There’s no suspense at all. Let us tell you what the pinnacle of suspense is: when there are no candidates at all.


Via CDT Chinese. Translation by Mengyu Dong.

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