Badiucao (巴丢草): Chinstagram

For his latest CDT cartoon, comments on the recent news that the photo-sharing app Instagram is missing from Android stores in China, though it is apparently still available from China’s iOS App Store and online. The disappearance comes amidst disruption in service of several foreign in China, though it is not yet apparent if it is part of a targeted crackdown or something else, according to Tech in Asia.

In his drawing, Badiucao reimagines the logo as “Chinstagram,” which is reminiscent of the “Chinternet,” a term used for the censored Internet that is available to users in China.

Chinstagram, by Badiucao for CDT:


Read also a CDT Q&A with Badiucao in which he discusses his artistic and personal influences. All Badiucao cartoons for CDT are available here.

Instagram users in China who can access the app can tag their photos #cdtimes to be featured in CDT’s account.