Guo Wengui Demands Rule of Law, Press Freedom, More

Guo Wengui Demands Rule of Law, Press Freedom, More

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In another video message over the weekend, real estate tycoon Guo Wengui, who has known ties to state security agencies, presented the first in what he is calling a “2017 Guo Wengui Global Exposé Series,” in which he presents apparent documentation to back up some of his explosive claims about corruption among the families of China’s top leaders. In this video, he provides details about the vast real estate holdings of the secret children of domestic security chief , which he posits are being used to provide cover to personal trusts which contain millions and sometimes billions of dollars. Inside China, Meng is known to have no children, but Guo claims that he has at least two children who control massive amounts of wealth through their real estate holdings and trusts in Australia.  (CDT earlier translated an excerpt from Guo’s September 1 video, in which he described Meng Jianzhu and his righthand man Sun Lijun as having far more control over the Chinese state and CCP than generally known.) Guo earlier claimed that he would hold a press conference to release his trove of documents during the upcoming 19th Party Congress, but has since decided to release the information piecemeal through his Youtube videos several weeks earlier. Guo claims that he took this move after getting advice from his contacts in China. He also makes a series of ambitious demands on  China’s leaders in order to stop his public exposés. Those demands include the implementation of rule of law and press freedom.

CDT has translated a section of the two-hour video transcripts; the following is from the second half. Guo added a disclaimer to his video that while he believes the names and addresses he has compiled are correct, the photos of the properties may not always be accurate. Emphasis added by CDT:

I am not going into too much detail, because there are too many materials today. 93 pages. I selected 93 pages from 1800 pages! So I am not going to talk too much, let’s move on. Now let’s see your [Wang Qishan’s] partner in plundering the country Meng the Regent. He claimed that he has no children. He was so special! How has he controlled the “knife handle,” eliminated a million officials, controlled 90 million CCP members? He controls everything about them! And he partnered with you to carry out the plan of stealing one trillion dollars from the state! Also how did he help these people to transplant their organs? What kind of person is he? Let’s start from the Party discipline first.

Jiang Qifang is secretary Meng Jianzhu’s wife, they are a legally married couple.

Jiang Qifang, Meng Jianzhu’s wife; Passport number: DE024921, born 1947

This is the first time her photo has emerged. This is her passport number, she was born in 1947.

While in the U.S. for treatment, in the autumn of 1996 Mrs. Jiang purchased a nearby property, in June 2004 it was sold.

Madam Meng Jianzhu, in the autumn of 1996, due to her cancer, went to the U.S. for treatment. She bought a house in California nearby her hospital, and in 2004 sold it. This piece of real estate is Sun Lijun’s and Jiang Qifang [Meng Jianzhu’s wife]’s most unforgettable place. Here two of the most pivotal stories unfolded; a woman who helped take care of Jiang Jifang and saw the secrets between Sun Lijun, Jiang Qifang, and her family. This person has by now already disappeared. Even though this property has been sold, it will become a piece of evidence.

522 Skyline Drive mansion; Only 2.1 miles from the San Ramon Regional Medical Center\

At that time, they bought this house, which was for her treatment and very near the hospital. This mansion of Jiang’s was only 2.11 miles from the hospital. So many stories about this place, so many stories, today I won’t talk about them.

After speaking of his [Meng’s] lawful wife, I should first talk about his second sweetheart. The key point is that she was his more or less open wife in Shanghai all along, named Wang Mei.

Wang Mei; Meng Jianzhu’s second wife; Passport number: G37910968

This person Wang Mei is Meng Jianzhu’s “number two wife.” Her name is only one character away from Wang Fang [a singer that Guo has accused of being one of Meng’s mistresses]. He must really like [women] surnamed Wang! [Wang Mei’s] passport number is G37910968, and she’s among those who have the most intimate knowledge of Meng Jianzhu. She participated in secretary Meng Jianzhu’s major political plan, economic plan, and plan to plunder the nation. Also, she’s very important to secretary Meng Jianzhu because she gave him what he most wanted, a love child.

Wang Mei and Meng Jianzhu’s first love child is Wang Menghui. 

The love child is named Wang Menghui, this is just one of them. Wang Mei has a trust fund in Australia. She has a bank account there and the balance right now totals about 600-700 million USD. Wang Mei also has the 15 pieces of real estate in Australia that I’ve published here, and this is only a partial list. In addition, these 15 properties are just to prop up a private trust. Everybody can have a look to see why; the real estate is all in the trust because a trust cannot be empty or it will draw attention. She uses real estate as the address on the trust bonds, to conceal the huge wealth in the background. This plan is incredible.

This is her first piece of real estate, which is held in the trust.

Property number two:

Number three:

Number four:

Number five:

Number six:

Number seven:

Number eight:

Number nine:

Number 10:

Number 11:

Number 12:

Number 13:

Number 14:

Number 15:

This, everyone can see, these 15 pieces of property are the same as what I just told everyone. Why would she buy houses, some for $2 million, some for $4 million, some for a few hundred thousand dollars, some even cheaper than that? We must remember she didn’t want the real estate to be used as real estate. In a moment you’ll all be able to see, Meng Haijing [Meng Jianzhu’s secret daughter] and others use the same method. The methods used by the family members of Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu are precisely the same, they have a common economic plan, and they have common conspirators. Why would you buy this real estate? Because the property is what they use to set up their local trust funds to cheat the government——I buy for my children and future family, this property’s purpose is to provide a cover for a legitimately established trust, a trust that is holding an enormous amount of assets.

They actually intend to hold a few of them, and then rent out and use the rental income of these properties, several thousand USD, to support the trust. These trusts, the same as I say, some are discretionary trusts, some are immovable property trusts, some are limited trusts. Behind these trusts, holding billions of shares, the holder of the fund documents, the ultimate beneficiary, you never know who it is. Only those people holding the paper have authority, can cash the trust bonds, but they never do. In Australia, there are roughly tens of thousands of trusts; in a year they control assets of $3.1 trillion USD! And in these trusts, the ones with the highest assets, the most cleanly controlled, are all Chinese trusts.

At the end of the video, Guo goes on to explain his demands of China’s leaders:

[Fu Zhenghua, Wang Qishan, and Meng Jianzhu] have no faith in the system or the country as a whole, just like Sun Lijun. These people are the most important figures in the anti-corruption and Chinese Dream campaigns over the past five years.

Mr. Fu Zhenghua, today there is someone who asked me to not expose you. I can hold off for now, but there is no way around exposing you before the end of the global exposé. And especially those materials held for you by your brother, your children, and your mistresses; your huge wealth hidden abroad; and the top classified information and evidence from China hidden overseas by you, Sun Lijun, and Wang Qishan. All these materials are matters of China’s national security, and they have to be returned back to China.

The wealth you control must be returned to the Chinese people. If I see such moves in coming days, I can comply with the suggestion of the highest leader [Xi] and only selectively expose you. Likewise, if Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu and Secretary Wang Qishan are willing to return their wealth to the Chinese people, I can consider only partially exposing materials such as video, audio, bank accounts, and financial transaction records in the coming days, for China’s national interests and security. But I have two conditions, without whose fulfillment I will no longer cooperate with anyone [inside of Chinese government].

First: the coming 19th Party Congress must reflect rule of law. The Party Congress must deliver justice to those [party officials] who were wrongly accused, including Guo Wengui, and to their families. Their financial assets, their illegally confiscated, frozen, or transferred capital, should be returned to their rightful places, whether to the state, or to the relevant individuals. This is [a step toward] realization of “Guo’s Seven Articles”: redress of injustices, and return of lawful assets. This is my first condition.

Second: the 19th Party Congress must show that China is really a country ruled according to law, in which judicial independence is realized, and everyone has a right to know the facts—that is to say, the media are basically independent. Under the new government with Chairman Xi as its core, China should act as a great nation. Stop all persecution of overseas dissidents and democracy activists, and let those who committed petty offenses or were framed by the plunderers of the nation freely enter and leave China without arbitrary detention. Release all currently detained lawyers and activists. Give their rightful freedom back to those people including my family members and colleagues, and let them travel to and from China freely.

As long as you can meet these two conditions, I will gradually and selectively stop my exposés. Today is the first in the 2017 Guo Wengui Global Exposé Series, and everything is just beginning.

If in the past 8 months, I still haven’t convinced you about my abilities and the information I hold, I will show you again in the coming days. I will show the world and my 1.4 billion compatriots whether I have the ability, wisdom, and determination to make “Guo’s Seven Articles” a reality.

Is Guo Wengui a good person or a bad one? That has nothing to do with the fact that you have plundered the country. But I am a good person! I will prove this to the world. I will fight for my reputation and my property, for my dignity and my freedom. I am very clear that if I get those back for myself, then every Chinese should also get back the property, security, dignity, and freedom which are due to them.

I have prepared for the worst, but I still want to follow the principles in “Guo’s Seven Articles.” I will do my best to protect the national interest, I will do my best to not be used by evil people, not be exploited by those “plunders of the nation” within the CCP. But this business of mine is like an arrow already launched from the bow: there’s no calling it back now. I will not stop before the final goal has been achieved.

Here and now, I make this solemn promise to all China’s leaders and its 1.4 billion people: if my above demands are not met, Guo Wengui will never give up.

I may hold a second broadcast, maybe a third one, a fourth, a fifth, at any time during the 19th Congress. I hope I do not have to, but that all depends what kind of answers and promises I hear from Beijing after today.

Mr. Fu Zhenghua, today is the third time that I am being asked by the leader not to expose you. I have been giving you an easy enough time recently, out of respect for the highest leader, out of consideration for the national interest, and because, after all, it was you who warned me and my family to escape back then. Because it was you who tipped us off. Also, you did deliver on part of the promise between us: you arrested Li You of Peking University Founder Group. But my requests to you have not changed.

To all my friends on Twitter, and all the friends who have been following and supporting me: regarding all the information I published today, I hope I will be working together with you all to chase down the dirty money and dark forces of those “plunderers of the nation,” both inside and outside of China.

After a certain period of time, I will make my second and third exposé broadcasts. Let’s pull together and gather our forces toward achieving our goals: democracy, rule of law, and freedom in China.

Let no one lead us astray or divert our attention. They cannot compare with the greatness of our undertaking. We have endless power and blessings from heaven, we have the support of the overwhelming majority of Chinese people, and I believe most of the CCP’s 90 million members are good people as well.

The overwhelming majority of the 1.4 billion people are just like us: we all want democracy, freedom, rule of law and justice. For our mothers to be safe from becoming another Yang Gailan, for our daughters and sons not to become Lei Yangs and Yang Gailans. For them not to take away our property and income, or kill us to replace their organs, or steal away our bank savings and investments again and again. This is our only choice.

That’s all for today’s first global exposé. From today, ‘everything is just beginning’ will take on a completely new meaning.

I want to again thank those who have risked their lives to gather information for me, and those friends inside of China who have been arrested, detained, or threatened because they expressed their support for me. I will fight for your justice. The day of victory will come soon. It is about time! Thank you, everyone. I will take action to repay your support and trust in me.

Thank you, everyone.

Everything is just beginning. [Chinese]

Samuel Wade contributed to the translation.


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