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Stricter Rules Target China’s Property Developer – Yang Binbin

From Property developers in China face tougher regulations aimed at strengthening control over industrial land and payment procedures for buying land-use rights. The State Land Resources Ministry released the updated rules October 9. According to the new regulations, a property developer may not obtain a land-use certificate before clearing all payments for the targeted […]

China’s Property Law Takes Effect – Xinhua

From Xinhua: China’s landmark Property Law that provides equal protection to both state and private properties was put into effect on Monday. The law approved by the national legislature in March after repeated revisions and unprecedented eight readings is seen as a significant step in the country’s efforts to further economic reforms and boost social […]

China Set to Resolve Urban Property Rights – Shanghai Daily

Shanghai Daily reports that China’s new property law will be effective in October: China’s top law makers yesterday began deliberations on two key laws designed to address long-standing problems with property acquisitions and resolve monopoly issues. Among them, a draft amendment to the law on urban real estate administration would authorize the State Council to […]

China to Issue Judicial Interpretation on Property Law – Xinhua

From Xinhua: The Supreme People’s Court (SPC) will promulgate judicial interpretations on Property Law, Corporate Bankruptcy Law and regulations of criminal evidences in 2007, according to a SPC annual plan on judicial interpretations. The landmark property law was adopted on March 16 after taking 13 years to wind its way through the legislative process. The […]

Viewpoint: Implementation to Reveal Impact of Property Law – Ashley Howlett

From Financial Times: When China’s new property law was announced this spring, it was the ideological and political implications that drew the most commentary, both domestically and abroad. The implications on the ground for China’s multi-billion-dollar property industry were largely overlooked. Undeniably, China’s property market has been in need of a clear legal framework since […]

On The ‘Harmonious Society’ – Mo Shaoping (Ëé´Â∞ëÂπ≥)

From RFA Unplugged blog: This clip was uploaded to YouTube by Duowei News, which appears to be an overseas Chinese-run news Web site[ZH]. Here is an English translation of the comments by Mo Shaoping, a Chinese lawyer well-known for defending political prisoners and representing clients in high-profile civil rights cases, like Gao Zhisheng‘s. All the […]

The Hawker and The Property Law–How China Can be Ruled by Laws

CCTV recently reported that an unnamed hawker in Guangzhou City cried on the street after his goods and equipment were confiscated by the urban administrators. This event alone won’t cause much sensation. But it happened after the Property Law was passed at this year’s NPC meeting. People are asking whether the confiscation is in conflict […]

Quelling hiccups in new property laws – Frank Ching

Frank Ching comments on the new property law: Left-leaning intellectuals and scholars opposed the legislation on ideological grounds, while others opposed it for fear that ill-gotten gains would henceforth be protected. In the 25 years that China has been moving from a planned to a market economy, many state assets have been transformed into private […]

Sports Illustrated Nods At The Nailhouse (Updated)

The story of China’s “toughest nail house” – flattened overnight – will be remembered for spawning its own little media counterculture. Perhaps the most recognized example is Zola the citizen blogger. Far less-noticed is the April cover of Sports Illustrated (‰ΩìËÇ≤ÁîªÊä•), which, according to an editor there, consciously invokes the saga of Chongqing’s long-entrenched evictees, […]

Of Kings and Bandits – Bao Tong

From RFA Unplugged blog: This essay is the second part of Bao Tong’s commentary on the passing of the Property Law of the People’s Republic of China. It was broadcast on RFA’s Mandarin service Friday March 30, 2007. You can read the original essay in Chinese here:

“Nail House” Event Generated Wave of Public Discussion On Property Law On Chinese Media – David Kelly

Even after the Central Propaganda Department’s order to the press banning independent reporting on Chongqing’s “Nail House” event, many Chinese media continue to run commentary and discussions on this case, generally exploring its relationship to the Property Law. David Kelly has translated a series of article titles from Chinese media, just to illustrate that the […]

A Tall Stand For Property Rights In China – Ching-Ching Ni

From the Los Angeles Times: The standoff in central China’s Chongqing municipality is nothing new. Government-backed development projects have been eating up private homes across the country, creating a wave of resistance as millions of residents are uprooted, with many complaining of unfair compensation or forced removal. But since the National People’s Congress passed landmark […]

Property rights law fight hits home in China – Audra Ang

AP reports on the “nail house” and the implications for the new property law in China: There are thousands of property disputes in China every year, but this one is getting unusual attention, in part because it is regarded as the first major test of a landmark law guaranteeing private-property rights. Images of the house […]

Video: Owner of China’s Nailhouse Refuses to Move

These videos were shot and uploaded on Youtube yesterday. In the video clips, the owner of the nailhouse in Chongqing told the media that she will not vacate her home and will insist on protecting her private propety. Video1/5: -Read Property Law, Netizen Journalism and “China’s Most Incredible Holdout” via CDT.

China: More rights for millionaires – Pallavi Aiyar

From Asia Times, a look at how the government is addressing concerns about growing social and economic inequality, and the lingering tensions over the issue: Increasingly squeezed between the demands of the right and the criticisms of the left, the CCP is engaged in an ever more delicate juggling act, balancing the interests of the […]

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