In Shenzhen Speech, Xi Redefines “Opening Up”

Xi Jinping’s speech on the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone—the first of China’s market reform policy SEZs—outlined his vision for an increasingly domestically-oriented economy, better able...

Photo: Laid-off Bank Employees Demonstrating in Front of the Bank

From Chinese BBS The photo is taken in front of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) branch at Shiyan city, Hubei province. The top banner (from the bank): Creating A Peaceful Work Unit, Constructing a Harmonious Bank The lower banner (from the demonstrators): I Gave the Bank My Youth, The Bank Grew […]

Poster Slogans with Unique Chinese Characteristics – EastSouthWestNorth

In China, slogans in public spaces are one of the ways local or central government communicate their polices to people. Mocking these slogans are a favorite political sport on the Chinese Internet. Here are some examples collected by netizens, translated by EastSouthWestNorth: “Three represents” ‚Ä®

Letter from China: Secrets and Slogans Still the Rule in China – Howard W. French

In the International Herald Tribune, Howard French writes about how preparations for the 17th Party Congress demonstrate that the Chinese government still operates according to its old rules: Much has been made lately about China’s global role as an emerging power of the first order. China’s rise is pregnant with a big question that can […]

Photo: A Political Slogan Banner in Beijing – bullog

“One World, One Dream” is the official slogan of the 2008 Olympics and can be seen everywhere in Beijng. There are other lesser known slogans that foreign guests may not see. For example, the above photo taken in a back street in Beijing emerged recently in the Chinese blogosphere. Those political slogan banners are often […]

What Will Hu Jintao Say in His Political Report? – CMP

China Media Project analyses the recent Party lexicon to deduce the likely content of Hu Jintao’s political report to the 17th Party Congress: Reports to the Party Congress are always a vehicle for top leaders to set out their political principles. Promoted loudly by state-run media after Congresses, political reports are also a form of […]

Chinese Slogans Mark Hu Era – Reuters

Reuters writes about the slogans that define a leader: Within a year of Hu taking power in 2002, the “scientific concept of development” began working its way into official pronouncements and the phrase “harmonious society” popped up on every banner from Beijing to Buddhist Tibet. With a five-yearly party congress due to open in October […]

China Bans Crude Birth Control Slogans – Alexa Olesen

In addition to distributing a list of slogans that promote China’s one-child policy, officials have banned what they deem to be “offensive” birth control slogans. From the Boston Globe: China has banned crude and insensitive slogans promoting the country’s ‘one-child’ family planning policy, such as “Raise fewer babies but more piggies,” which have stoked anger […]

Almost 200 Family Planning Slogans to be Promoted – China News Online

China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission has just released a list of new slogans that are recommended for local branches to use. This is a recent effort of the agency to clean up out-dated slogans used across the country, some of which may contain barbaric connotations or at least run against the “putting people […]

The Writing Is on The Wall – Wu Zhong

From Asia Times Online: Throughout his life, the late Chairman Mao Zedong attached great importance to propaganda. “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun” is probably one of his best-known quotations. But it was also his idea that led to both the gun and the pen becoming indispensable weapons in the Chinese Communist […]

Slogans with Chinese Characteristics – Banyue

From Danwei blog: In China, you will see slogans every day and everywhere. Not only is this a tradition with a long history, it is a trend that has remained popular, particularly in the red and crazy 1950s – 1970s…. ÊôÆÂèä‰∏ÄËÉéÔºåÊéßÂà∂‰∫åËÉéÔºåÊ∂àÁÅ≠‰∏âËÉé„ÄÇ Popularize the first child, control the second child, exterminate the third child. This is […]

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