Chinese workers blog in protest

From Poynter E-Media Tidbits, Fons Tuinstra reports from Shanghai that “Chinese strikers use weblogs for their struggle. ” The worker’s blog is here. The first article on the blog is the New York Times report on their strike.

This is not the first time that have been used as a communication and publicity tool by grassroots activists in China. Two months ago, Tiny, a Chinese blogger reported that a group of villagers in Lanzhou set up a blog to protest their eviction and confiscation of their farmland by local authorities. Interesting enough, the local authorities also set up their own blog to “clear some facts” in response. While these kinds of events are still rare examples, it is inspiring to see that new communication tools such as blogs do have more potential to empower the powerless.

December 20, 2004, 7:32 PM
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