Guangdong Foshan Bus Companies Collected RMB1.88 million Yuan Fake Coins – Guangzhou Daily

From Guangzhou Daily, Translated by CDT:

Yesterday, Foshan bus companies publicly reported on increasing cases of and false bus passes used on buses. Since 2004, bus companies have seized over 2,000 false bus passes and received about RMB 1.92 million yuan ($250,000 dollars) in , which included RMB 1.88 million yuan ($247,000) in coins. These coins were hard to be recycled and piled as high as hills.

Bus companies are almost helpless to deal with the proliferation of fake coins. Some have installed fake coin detection machines. But it does not work because many passengers do not throw the coins into the machine, instead put them into the boxes for paper money. Thus bus drivers are unable to rectify the problem. [Original Chinese Report]

September 9, 2007 11:26 PM
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