China’s Bold Dam Causing Worries – Audra Ang

From AP:

Wang Zhushu rarely sleeps at night. Instead, the 61-year-old retiree paces, listening to the drone of passing ships that shake the walls of her house on the banks of the Yangtze River.

Wang’s one-story, brick-and-concrete home rests, she says, on increasingly unsteady earth, weakened and waterlogged as rising waters turn the Yangtze into an ever-broadening reservoir behind China’s mammoth Three Gorges Dam.

“The house has become crooked. Water seeps through the floor and there are cracks growing here, here and here,” said Wang, pointing to the ceiling, a storeroom and a rock wall with crevices three fingers wide. At night, “I can feel the vibrations. I walk round and round the room, and I worry.” [Full Text]

December 29, 2007 4:23 PM
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