The Olympic Dream: A Sci-Fi Short Story

The following “Sci-Fi” short story has been (re)posted in many Chinese online forums and blogs, originally from SCI-FI Great Wall blog, translated by CDT’s Linjun Fan. July is the hottest month of the year in Beijing. Old Zhao felt that his heart was as parched as the earth under the midsummer sun. “Doctor Zhang, we have waited for the operation for twelve days. Didn’t you say that we could do it this week?” Old Zhao asked. He tried very hard to control his emotions in front of the doctor in charge of his father. But still he held the doctor’s hand in a firm clasp, as if the doctor would waft away like smoke at any moment. “Please listen to me. Be patient, ” Dr. Zhang said as he tried to loosen Old Zhao’s grasp. He had come across various complicated diseases, encountered a few medical accidents, and dealt with a number of unreasonable family members of patients, but he had never run into such a touchy question, one that he felt ashamed to answer. Old Zhao eased his clinch, but he still stood in front of Dr. Zhang, determined to get an answer. “Don’t be emotional. Please don’t be emotional, ” Dr. Zhang said repeatedly, trying to clear his mind. “I know your father’s case very well. It would be all right to postpone the operation for a month. Believe me. I promise you that I will do the operation on Aug. 26, as soon as the Olympic Games end.” “What does the operation have to do with the Olympic Games?” Old Zhao asked. He could not figure this out. “They were originally not related. But since the government has set forth such rules, hospitals have to observe it. Except for urgent ones, all operations must be postponed to ...
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