Family Claim Chinese Deputy Mayor was Murdered by Corrupt Officials

The Guardian takes a look at the case of , the deputy mayor of Wugang, , who died from an apparent suicide last year but whose wife suspects he was actually the victim of murder:

Her lawyer said the family had identified at least 19 inconsistencies or unresolved issues in the police and autopsy reports after speaking to medical experts. These included an extra set of footprints on the bloodied floors of his apartment and bruises they said could not have been caused by his fall.

Liu Yuehong said she believed her husband had clashed with corrupt officials because of his honesty. “My husband called me and told me somebody was going to set him up. Someone was going to hurt him. He said our phones were being bugged,” Liu said in an interview in Beijing, having travelled to the capital to campaign for a fresh investigation. “I didn’t really take it seriously. I didn’t expect that would be the last call between us.”

Zhuo Xiaoqing of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, who reviewed the official findings for the family, said: “We cannot rule out the possibility of murder.”

Watch the Guardian’s video report.

January 7, 2010 10:04 PM
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