Feng Zhenghu (冯正虎) to End His Protest

There has been an update from our post yesterday about Feng Zhenghu, who has been living in Tokyo’s Narita Airport for almost three months since being refused entry to Shanghai, where he lives. On Twitter, Feng announced that he will end his airport protest on February 2, 2010.

From @fzhenghu‘s twitter, translated by CDT:

Today is Jan.30, the 88th day of my sleeping outside the Japan customs.

6:30,I was still in “bed,” a female staff member I know came with a Singaporean flight attendant to say hello to me. The flight attendant gave me a package of four cakes.

Four cakes: http://flic.kr/p/7zpS63

9:30,a Japanese returning from Germany visited me. He was asked to by his colleague Ms. Chan, who works in Siemens company in Germany. She gave me a beautiful card and a package; inside the package are vitamin pills, fruit juice, dry veggies, a long-sleeve T-shirt, socks, NIVEA cream and other things. I do not know German so can only tell what the things are by their picture.

One side of the card was glued on a human rights postcard, published by the United Nations. It is one of a full set of cards and contains Article Thirteen of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [“Everyone has the right… to return to his country.”]. On the other side of the card, Ms. Chan wrote: “Respectable Mr. Feng, you know there are many people who care about you and support you — hope you return home soon! Happy Spring Festival! *** Chan, Nuremberg Deutschland Jan 26, 2010. On the side there were also several signatures from her German colleagues.

Human rights postcard from Ms. Chan: http://flic.kr/p/7zm6Cn

1100,Mr. Du and Consular Zhao from the Chinese Embassy in Japan came to visit me again. Both sides communicate smoothly. As a matter of fact, returning to their country is a citizen’s right, there is no issue about who is negotiating with whom. Now the illegal barrier has been removed, so there is no need for negotiation. Officials from the Chinese embassy came to visit me several times to show their diplomatic concern, this is to their credit. I will respond with credibility as well.

13:45 to 15:00,I was taking a rest at the place with sunshine, I took a video of myself in the sunshine. This will be a wonderful memory in the future.

15:45,A Chinese visitor came with her son. They came from Tianjin. She told me, friends in Tianjin also asked her to bring some vegetables and fruit to me. She brought me fruits, peanuts, seaweed and lots of other food. I thanked her and only took a package of seaweed. Now I have too much fruit and have no time to finish them.

Gift from friends in Tianjin: http://flic.kr/p/7zm7F2

16:00 Today the chief inspector on duty turned in the 59th official document to me. The content is the same as that of yesterday. The date is new. I took a picture together with him. I also sent my “The 59th Japanese Official Document on Jan.30 2010 Forwarded to Chinese Government by Feng Zhenghu” to web media for publication, and attached the photocopy of the Japanese official document.

Feng Zhenghu redirects the Japanese official document on Jan 30 to the Chinese government, (this is the 59th one): http://flic.kr/p/7zminK

I saw on Twitter @gjlawyer an oil painting on Douban – Feng Zhenghu (Douban is one of the largest social networking site in China) . I laughed. Laughing makes you younger, let everyone laugh, what do you think of this look of an internationally-known Chinese petitioner. http://img.ly/qrc

Today is Jan. 31, 2010, it is the 89th day I slept in the open outside of Japan customs.

About midnight last night, I came back to my bench after washing my feet in the Men’s room. Just about to make my bed, I saw a book 《Lord of the Flies》(in Chinese translation) next to the window. Someone visited me in the afternoon, he did not meet me, so left the book next the window. Thank you, unmet supporter.

8:30 started working. I turned on my computer. There is a message on the screen:NTLDR is missing。My notebook finally retired.

In the past 88 days, it worked for me like a horse, everyday from morning until late night. It worked harder then a desktop. The keyboard was broken, but it still worked for me, until the last second. Rest in peace my notebook comrade.

I opened a new computer. It is even smaller than my old notebook. How long this one will last if I use it as a desktop, this has not been tested yet. So from now on I will test its reliability. This new notebook was a gift from Dr. Yang Jianli, HP brand.

About 9:00,a Japanese traveler who just returned from Australia came to visit me. She read my story in the newspaper. A tall American took an English pamphlet from my exhibition desk and walked away. After a while he came back to me and expressed his support. In the last few days, apparently more and more Japanese have come to visit me.

I have decided to hold a press conference about Feng Zhenghu ending his living-in-the-open action in the South Wing of Terminal One of Japan’s Narita Airport, 14:00 Feb. 2nd, 2010.
Feng Zhenghu’s cell phone:080-4365-5446
NAA广报室的担当 本吉的手机:090-2665-9827 [Japanese contact cell phone number]

See also a BBC report.

Click here to watch a music video: “Let Feng Zhenghu Return Home” on Youtube, made by a Chinese netizen, Flying White Cloud (白云飞).

The music in the above video is from Taiwanese singer Feng Feifei (凤飞飞)’s famous song: The Road Home (归乡路) (1982), lyrics translated by CDT:

The Road Home

I try to set my sights beyond the far horizon
The road seems to extend forever
And is indistinct from the vastness of the earth
I can’t find the words to ask the heavens
True, there are thousands of waves deep in the sea of clouds
But nothing can stop my determination to return home

The night has run its course and the sky is alreadly dim
After experiencing all the vicissitudes of life
How eager I am
To once again see the mountains and rivers of my homeland
And the brilliance of the Sun and the Moon there


鳳飛飛 -《歸鄉路》
詞/晨曦 曲/劉家昌

望斷天涯路茫茫 無語問穹蒼
雲海深處雖有千層浪 難阻我歸鄉

夜已盡 天已亮 世事歷滄桑
迢迢山河 日月重光 切切在寄望

And the words in the last shot are from Chinese blogger Zhai Minglei‘s article “To not let Feng Zhenghu return home is China’s national shame, ” translated by CDT:

“A real man does not say the word ‘love’ lightly. Once he says it, he needs to have the courage to die for this love, whether the object of the love is your country, or your woman.”


Feng Zhenghu published his contact information as follows:

Cell phone in Japan:0081-80-3445-7210

Email box on his cell phone:ga7674eed77t8jf@softbank.ne.jp

Twitter account:http://twitter.com/fzhenghu



Update: Feng Zhenghu’s family and supporters published the following information calling for donations to support his efforts to return to China:

The account numbers of Feng Zhenghu:

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ 272-1590194 Feng Zheng Hu

PayPal account:fzh999net@gmail.com

Bank of China 4038505-0188-038792-6 冯正虎


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