Chinternet Meme: “Vacation-Style Therapy” (2)

Wang Lijun, until February 2 vice mayor and head of the Public Security Bureau of Chongqing, was seen entering the U.S. consulate in Chengdu on February 6. A rumor quickly spread that Wang was attempting to seek asylum. Wang may have lost his post for presenting evidence of corruption by CCP Chongqing Committee Secretary Bo Xilai‘s wife. Despite censoring of terms related to the incident, the Wang asylum rumor and attendant satire continue to proliferate on Sina .

Alongside jokes about the former vice mayor of Chongqing’s “vacation-style therapy,” netizens are comparing Wang to Lin Biao, the man once assumed to be Mao Zedong’s successor but condemned as a traitor after his mysterious death in 1971. “Weibers” are also exploiting the “ Incident” to poke fun at the Fifty Cent Party.

U.S. Department of State spokesperson Victoria Nuland confirmed on February 8 that Wang made and kept an appointment at the U.S. consulate in Chengdu and that he left “of his own volition.” The nature of his visit is under investigation. Wang may be dragging Bo along in his fall from grace.

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@i0301: Why did Wang Lijun flee to the American consulate instead of flying away like Lin Biao? Because he’d read the news and knew the Development and Reform Commission raised the price of oil again.

@gongminyaoyao: Wang Lijun teaches us that no matter how much of a fifty-center you are, at the moment of truth the Americans are boss.

@hesuoge: Weibo quote: Protective-style demolition, vacation-style therapy, condom-style rape, Chinese-style democracy.

@ChenQiye: Chengdu, the end point of the Fang-Han War.

@StarKnight: The law is not a shield, nor is the consulate an umbrella.

@hnjhj: To the Fifty-Centers and National Treasures “wiping screens” at this moment:  I am really worried about you guys. This is a very dangerous profession. You need to leave a way out, to give yourselves a lead. You should ensure that at the critical moment you can move freely in and out of America. If that’s not possible, you should ensure that you will not be refused asylum when you seek it at the consulate. And if that’s not possible, you should ensure that your application for a U.S. visa won’t be denied.

@YeYing: [Chongqing Model #1]: : Let some people get nervous first (a play on Deng Xiaoping’s “Let some people get rich first”). [Chongqing Model #2]: Let some people fight with each other first. [Chongqing Model #3]: Let some people get vacation-style therapy first.

@shmueloy: Before Bo Xilai was ready to play Mao Zedong, Wang Lijun was already playing Lin Biao.

@HistoricalTeacherYuanReturns: “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.” –Claud Cockburn
@历史袁老师归来:任何消息未经官方否认之前,都不能轻易相信。 ——克劳德·柯克本