Netizen Voices: Lunch with the Shifang Police

In the wake of photos and details about the confrontation between unarmed civilians and in going viral, have dug up a June 16 post on the Shifang Special Police’s official account, flooding the comments thread:

ShifangSpecialPolice: #ADayInThePoliceStation Special Police Record: An exhausting morning, finally time for shift change and lunch. We are seriously hungry.

Josh Rudolph has translated a selection from this CDT Chinese screenshot. The original post now has close to 3000 comments.

YelangIsArrogant: Dogs.

WestWindChaseChaseChase: Dogs.

UnpolishedStone: Don’t be lackeys to the local despot!

HedongXugong: Three meals a day is the fundamental right of dogs, too!

DuanduanduanHelperResurrection:  Are you really from Shifang? If so, aren’t your parents and loved ones among the people? How can you commit crimes so casually? How can you brandish iron clubs? How can you raise your guns against the people?

PamperedSon_Insane: Once you’re full you can beat women and children to death. Eat up!

VictoriosLioftheFlowersandTrees: When our embassy was bombed, you protested; when America sold arms to Taiwan, you protested; when India started oil exploration in the South China Sea, you still protested; when Japan arrested a Chinese ship captain, you repeatedly protested; when the Philippines wanted to occupy the Scarborough Shoal, dammit, you still just protested. But when the people of Shifang threw a bottle of mineral water at you, only then did you raise your weapons.

Soul-stirring2011: Eat shit!

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