Netizen Voices: CCTV Storm and Drang

Netizen Voices: CCTV Storm and Drang

CCTV covered Hurricane Sandy extensively.

While China’s state-run CCTV covered Hurricane Sandy extensively, last week’s protests in Ningbo did not even get a nod. Netizens joked that all the Sandy news was for China’s numerous officials, “naked” and otherwise, whose wives and children (not to mention assets) are in the U.S. Others were too frustrated to even crack a joke. From Weibo:

JiaoshouTV: Those thoughtful Americans will cross the Great American Firewall and eagerly watch CCTV news as it reveals the reality of capitalism.


wiseoldcrow: Only CCAV.


Gongzhuanzizhuan: I cried! CCTV reporters traveled all the way to the U.S., fearlessly standing in the storm to report the hurricane, so that we could know the boundlessly evil American imperialists have been plunged into the abyss of suffering. We will definitely not immigrate to that miserable hellhole. I salute to your hard work!


MrThoughtful: As the hurricane hit the U.S., CCTV sent battalions of reporters across the miles and into hardship to cover the storm. Reporters spoke live as the wind whipped all around them. What kind of internationalism drove this? What kind of unprincipled spirit? Later on, I realized what was going on: this seemingly valueless live coverage was for the leaders to watch, since their wives and kids are all over there.


MurongAoao: CCTV is the Conscience-in-Media of the U.S.


SkymanShineSalt: CCTV has a good service and the leaders are pretty happy with that. They like to have fun by setting a building on fire during the Lantern Festival. They rush to report the good news in our country and try everything to cover up the bad news. If there’s no good news, they’ll make some up to keep the leaders happy. As for any tiny piece of bad news in foreign countries, they will carry out lengthy, exaggerated coverage to demonstrate the decay of capitalism. They never report any good news from foreign countries. If I should silently die one day, I would rather die in Xinwen Lianbo (News Simulcast), because it is so wonderful there. Utopian CCTV!

天人发光的盐:央视的服务很好,领导很高兴,他们元宵喜欢点个楼玩玩,自己国家的好事抢着报导,坏事能瞒就瞒,没好事就编个让领导高兴,外国有屁点大的坏 事,他们要夸大的长篇的报道,以证明资本主义的腐朽,外国的好事他们从不报道。如果有一天我悄然死去,我愿意死在新闻联播里,因为那里太美好,乌托邦式的 央视!

29°32’N: The leaders’ are much more important than the rabble‘s kids.


Woodlain: I didn’t see you send so many reporters when water filled the imperial capital, or when folks protested in Hong Kong in October. You didn’t even dare to fart when stability maintenance got violent in Shifang and Ningbo! You are blind to the suffering around us, but you scoot your butts thousands of miles away to worry over the Americans. You still count yourselves as humans?


Camelduck: You walk at night with a flashlight to shine your light on other people’s butts, never on your own! It seems that Ningbo folks could only count on American reporters.


DoctorXuZhangrong: I just don’t get it. The news in China is very strange. Years ago, when the Gulf War broke out, that was the leading news around the world. But CCTV’s top story of the day was about some leader meeting with foreign guests. Only then came the Gulf War. Some of my doctor friends from other countries remarked on this that it’s hard to continue watching your news.


Via CDT Chinese. Translation by Mengyu Dong.

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