Translation: “Chinese Dream” Campaign in Beijing


“Chinese dream” lead story in the Beijing Daily.

Xi Jinping introduced the “Chinese Dream” last December, after he became chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and before he took on the Chinese presidency. He often dovetails speeches about the “Chinese Dream” with the invocation of the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” which seems to signal a nationalistic turn. Aside from that, there is little sign that Xi’s rhetoric significantly differs from Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao’s concept of the “harmonious society”–which makes a cameo appearance here. These are new words to bolster the status quo.

Beijing Daily, the capital’s Party newspaper, published the following piece on the front page of its April 5th edition. Beijing Daily issued several scathing opinion pieces last May criticizing U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke’s handling of blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng’s case, as well as the Chinese press for valuing “Western ideas like ‘freedom of speech’ and the ‘fourth estate.’” This latest article has a gentler tone, instructing the municipal government to carry out “Chinese Dream” propaganda campaigns that reach everyone from senior cadres to elementary school children.

An April 16 editorial in the People’s Daily rings with the same call to fight a “propaganda battle” for the Chinese Dream.

CCP Beijing Municipal Committee Recommendations for Developing “Chinese Dream” Education and Propaganda Work

April 5, 2013

General Secretary Xi Jinping has poured much spiritual energy into the important discourse on the “Chinese Dream” of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, in order to lead the entire Party and people citizens of all ethnicities to join their minds and gather their strength to jointly push forward the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Deep comprehension and extensive dissemination of the basic tenets of the “Chinese Dream,” its essential requirements, and its path of practice, are of the utmost significance to deeply studying and implementing the spirit of the 18th Party Congress, and to actively encouraging the people of Beijing to accelerate the capital’s reform and development. The following recommendations are put forward for developing the city’s “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work.

A. Guiding Ideology

Lift high the mighty flag of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics. Integrate Deng Xiaoping Theory, the theory of the “Three Represents,” and the concept of Scientific Development to guide reform and development in the capital. Extensively promulgate the importance of realizing the “Chinese Dream” of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, its essential requirements, and its path of practice. Integrate “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work with the study, propagation, and implementation of the spirit of the 18th Party Congress; with the study and propaganda work of socialism with Chinese characteristics; and with the promotion of the scientific development of the capital. Use the “Chinese Dream” to gather consensus and unify strength. Ceaselessly reinforce the faith of all municipal cadres in the mass path, the theory, and the system. Fully enable the complete establishment of a moderately well-off [xiaokang] society and the realization of the leading of the historical course of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by setting an example. Provide powerful spiritual impetus to the development of strategies to effect a “cultured Beijing, scientific Beijing, and green Beijing,” and the creation of a world-class city with Chinese characteristics.

B. Primary Content

The development of “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work must closely revolve around studying and promulgating the spirit of the important speech that Secretary Xi Jinping delivered while visiting the “Road to Revival” exhibit, as well as the spirit of Secretary Xi’s comments at the [sixth plenary session of the] first session of the 12th National People’s Congress. It must also closely revolve around the policy decisions of the Municipal Committee. Fully reflect the enthusiastic responses of the capital’s cadres and masses; stand firm in your posts and fully command the active practice of solid work. Ceaselessly deepen the “Chinese Dream” of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

(1) Extensively promulgate and realize the meaning, basic tenets, and essential requirements of the “Chinese Dream.” Extensively promulgate the Party’s strategic goal of “Two 100 Years” as put forward at the 18th Party Congress. Extensively promulgate and realize that the “Chinese Dream” of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is precisely what will strengthen the nation, revive its ethnic groups, and bless its people.  Extensively promulgate that the direction determines the path and the path determines destiny, and that persistence and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the basic guarantee of realizing the “Chinese Dream.” Extensively promulgate that the future and destiny of every person is inseparably linked to the future and destiny of the country and the [Chinese] nation, and requires that we have our feet firmly on the ground, striving unremittingly towards the great “Chinese Dream.”

(2) Extensively promulgate and realize that the “Chinese Dream” must be China’s path. Extensively promulgate that the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics has come from over 30 years of the great practice of Reform and Opening, from the continued explorations of over 60 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, from profound conclusions drawn from over 170 years of development the Chinese nation, and from the heritage of over 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. It has deep historical roots and an extensive foundation in reality, guiding the city’s cadres and masses to unwaveringly forge ahead by following the correct Chinese path.

(3) Extensively promulgate that realizing the “Chinese Dream” must enhance the Chinese spirit. Extensively promulgate that patriotism is the nucleus of the national spirit, and reform and innovation the nucleus of the modern spirit. Promote patriotism as the soul of a powerful and invigorated country which joins minds and gathers strength, and as the spiritual force which strengthens and unites the Chinese people; reform and innovation were the spiritual forces which encouraged us to change with the times during Reform and Opening. Guide the entire city to push forward the enhancement of the national and modern spirit. Constantly strengthen the spiritual bond of unity and the spiritual force of unresting self-improvement, and forever march towards the future with vigor.

(4) Extensively promulgate that realizing the “Chinese Dream” requires the consolidation of Chinese power. Extensively promulgate that the Chinese Dream is the dream of the [Chinese] nation, and is also the dream of every Chinese person. As long as we are all inseparably linked, as long as we are a people united, as long as we struggle for the realization of our common dream, we will be matchlessly powerful in the force of our realization of this goal. Each one of us has vast space to assiduously realize his or her dream. Extensively promulgate that the Chinese people all share the opportunity to accomplish the outstanding, to make our dreams come true, and to grow and progress along with the motherland and the times. Encourage the people of the city to keep this mission in mind, and to keep all of their thoughts and energy directed towards the goal of promoting the capital’s scientific development of a strong spiritual force.

(5) Extensively promulgate the Municipal Committee’s decision-making spirit in using the “Chinese Dream” to push forward innovation and development in the capital. Extensively promulgate the essence of leading municipal cadres’ speeches on teaching and promulgating the “Chinese Dream,” and the essence of of the 11th municipal Party representative meeting and the first and second plenary sessions of the 11th municipal Party committee meeting. Thoroughly recognize the stepwise development of the capital and precisely grasp the points of integration of the “Chinese Dream” and the work of the capital. Use the “Chinese Dream” to guide and promote the “two-wheel drive” strategy of cultural and technological innovation. Use the “Chinese Dream” to condense power in the capital and to initiate a new phase in social and economic development.

(6) Extensively promulgate all lively efforts and successful experiences from the capital’s battle lines in realizing the “Chinese Dream.” Extensively promulgate the capital’s historical achievements in economic and social development–especially those that have occurred since the 16th Party Congress–in [improving] living standards, and in [altering] the appearance of urban and rural areas. Push every department and work unit in all districts and counties to tightly embrace the themes of scientific development and accelerated transformation of economic progress. Fully deepen the grand acts and fresh experiences of Reform and Opening. Publicize new progress and new results in the capital’s construction of socialist democracy, advanced socialist culture, preeminence as a location for harmonious society, and conservation culture. Publicize the good experiences and methods taken by all levels of city government to strengthen the able construction, progressive construction, and pure construction of the Party’s governance.

C. Priorities

Developing the “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work is a city-oriented systemic project, and a major, long-term political task. We must insist on commanding truth and detail. For best results, we must ceaselessly deepen and expand [our work]. Henceforth, we must focus our efforts on the following tasks:

(1) Improve the battle-ready force of theory. Focusing on leading cadres, we must channel the study of the “Chinese Dream” into the curricula of all levels of the Party committee (leading Party groups), as well as into the main curriculum of cadre training, making it the important contents of the municipal study model for Party organization construction. These programs will include courses and seminars organizing the majority of Party members into serious study and discussion. Primary-level Party groups must adopt a variety of forms to provide education to all veteran cadres, retired personnel, non-public economic organizations, and Party members in social organizations. This study and education must reach all social groups. All of the capital’s intellectual resources must be used to carry out an extensive propaganda campaign to bring “Chinese Dream” propaganda activities to the grassroots. A collection of related reading material is to be compiled into the “Chinese Dream” Cadre Theory Reader, a large-scale television series entitled The Correct Path to Great Change–500 Years of Socialism is to be filmed, and the song “Dream” is to be written. “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work is to become an important part of students’ ideological and political education, and should be promoted in schools, textbooks, and classrooms.

(2) Widely develop self-directed educational activities by the masses. Integrate “Chinese Dream” study and propaganda and theorists [of the “Chinese Dream”] with the grassroots and the common people’s self-directed educational activities. With “My Dream, the Chinese Dream” as the theme, continue to deeply expand “The Party in the People’s Hearts” propaganda work. Cater to the grassroots, deeply excavate, and widely promulgate the true stories of people from all walks of life and from grassroots Party organizations who, under the Party’s leadership, stand on firm ground, take real action to reinvigorate the nation, contribute novel ideas, and tirelessly struggle in order to realize complete individual development, to push social progress, and to enact the “Chinese Dream” of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Create and present to the public a series of short films [based on] these stories in order to build a positive, healthy, progressive, and harmonious social atmosphere. Inspire people to pioneering action.

(3) Strengthen the study and interpretation of the theory of the “Chinese Dream.” Give full reign to [the preponderance of] the capital’s social science resources. Rely on a program of research into the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Focus on the major theoretical and practical issues of realizing the “Chinese Dream.” Set up a group of major philosophy and social science projects to interpret the “Chinese Dream.” Give full reign to all municipal social science theory work units. Utilize the Forum on the Sinicization of Marxism, the Academic Frontiers Forum, the Natural and Social Sciences Joint Summit, the Forum on the Study Model for Party Organization Construction, and other such academic institutions to increase exploration of the “Chinese Dream.” Rely on “Weekend Community Lecture Halls,” “Beijing Social Science Week”, and similar activities, and vehicles such as “SpeakersNet” and the “Capital City Microbloggers Community of Social Science Experts” to strengthen the “Chinese Dream” propaganda and dissemination.

(4) Carefully manage news media and Internet propaganda. Municipal news media should dedicate a number of features, columns, special reports, and special issues to introducing theoretical articles, commentary, and interviews in order to create an atmosphere of favorable public opinion. We must successfully fight a major propaganda campaign to publicize the measures our city has taken and the experiences gained in implementing important central government policy decisions; to take on the hot topics of economic trends, price regulation, transformation development, housing, traffic, social security, income distribution, and air quality; to respond to society’s concerns; and to cultivate a favorable social mentality. Municipal websites must launch special web pages on the “Chinese Dream” and assemble a series of “Chinese Dream” talks, essay competitions, and other activities that will form a positive public opinion.

(5) Encourage [the creation of] a group of literary and artistic masterworks. Use entertainment to educate. Adopt colorful forms of cultural entertainment to carry out “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work. Adhering to the creative theme of realizing the “Chinese Dream,” carefully organize key artistic creations and cultural activities, and plan and launch TV dramas, stage plays, songs, and other works of art. Adhere to the principle that “literature and art should be used to serve both the people and socialism,” the “Double Hundred” policy, and the principle of the “Three Closenesses” to fully grasp the creation of products on the themes of reality, youth, rural issues, and the elderly. Assemble and promulgate original, modern, and local masterpieces to create a good cultural atmosphere for the public to learn about the “Chinese Dream.”

(6) Strengthen propaganda education directed towards youth and similar groups. Persist in targeting propaganda education at youth. Unite with the “Chinese Dream” the dreams of youth and students to grow up and become useful members of society. Launch an education program on the theme of “using the positive energy of youth to build the Chinese Dream.” Guide young people to use their position to put the “Chinese Dream” into practice. Organize extensive “My Chinese Dream” activities in the capital’s colleges and universities and sponsor a cross-institution “My Chinese Dream” contest, a Student Creative Culture Day, and similar activities in order to guide college students towards taking [these] ideals to heart and to make steadfast their conviction [in the Chinese Dream]. Implement a plan of action for ideology and morality construction for minors. Continuously fine-tune the four-in-one educational system of school, family, society, and the Internet. In primary and secondary schools, create “My Dream, the Chinese Dream” online summer camp activities to deepen the understanding of the “Chinese Dream” among younger students.

D. Work Requirements

(1) Integrate practice, promote work. Vigorously encourage “Chinese Dream” work. Use the “Chinese Dream” to arouse the spirit and strength of all of Beijing’s cadres and citizens. Comprehensively implement central Party work requirements throughout the capital. Firmly grasp the characteristics of the capital’s step-by-step development. Deepen Reform and Opening. Strengthen the drive to innovate. Guarantee improvements to the people’s quality of life. Coordinate a holistic plan for advancing the city’s economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological development. Achieve various tasks for the scientific development of the capital.

(2) Coordinate and concentrate. “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work will be organized and implemented under the leadership of the municipal propaganda bureau. All ministries and commissions of the municipal Party committee and city government and all related work units will participate together. Actively promote the utility of labor units, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation, etc. to increase the masses’ strength in self-education. All regions and counties, all ministries and departments, and every work unit shall attach great importance to making “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work a critical task for the deployment of work and education going forward. Tightly integrate the education and propaganda work of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Party’s education and implementation of the mass line, and organizational construction of “study-type Party organizations.” Consider every angle. Plan scientifically.

(3) Focal points, categorical guidance. “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work must successfully target Party members and cadres, intellectual communities, youth and students, and the grassroots masses. While the “Chinese Dream” is an essential part of the education of Party members and cadres at all levels, leading cadres should be the first to learn and lead in propaganda efforts. Realistically capitalize on intellectuals’ collective knowledge of science and technology, education, culture, and the social sciences for education and propaganda work. Develop curricula and publicity programs specifically targeted at different regions and industries.

(4) Unremittingly persevere. Persist in uniting long-term programs and stepwise planning; make “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work into everyday work that is distinguished by its unity and is consistently successful. Every district, county, and government department must unify practice, formulate specific schemes for implementation, and organize specialized strength and responsibility to enact “Chinese Dream” education and propaganda work. Purposefully strengthen guidance of subordinate and low-level work units. Promptly carry out supervision, encouragement, and inspection. Make assessments of the results. Promptly summarize propaganda advancement models and successful experiences; set examples through models; let one point guide the whole. Construct a good environment for education and propaganda work.

Via CDT Chinese. Translation by Josh Rudolph.

“Double Hundred” refers to Mao’s famous proclamation: “Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend.Back.

“Study-type Party organizations” arose from the 17th Party Congress in 2010. They are groups organized at all levels of government to study Marxism, “scientific development,” and other tenets of the CCP. Back.


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