Farmer Proves Potential of Rooftop Planting

A farmer in Zhejiang Province has successfully converted a rooftop into a rice field. This triumph opens up the potential for more rooftop farming in China. From Xinhua Net:

In Chinese language, most go “down” to the field to harvest crops, but one farmer from an eastern village in China goes “up” to the roof to reap .

Peng Qiugen, a “landless” farmer who transferred his land to a gardening company seven years ago, just harvested over 100 kg of rough rice on his 120-square-meter rooftop this week.

“My greatest wish is to save more land for China by promoting rooftop farming to more households,” Peng told Xinhua.

He calculated that a roof as large as his, if used for growing vegetables, can meet the daily demands of 20 people.

[…] In 2010, his “sky rice farm” was awarded a gold medal during the World Green Roof Conference in Shanghai. [Source]

November 21, 2013, 9:06 AM
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