The Biggest Chemical Project Puts Xiamen in Danger

On Mar. 22’s Xiao Xiang Morning Post (潇湘晨报), Lian Yue (连岳), an active blogger and a freelance writer, published a column on a dangerous chemical project in South-Eastern China’s Xiamen City, Fujian Province. In the article (translated by CDT), Lian Yue said the one million people in Xiamen, if they are keeping an eye on the local media, should be very familiar with the city’s P-Xylene (a harmful chemical) project, which allegedly is going to yield an annual output worth 80 billion yuan after completion. The project was put in the Fujian governor’s government report. On the official website of the Xiamen government, there is also an article about it dated on Jan. 14, 2007. The article, named “Reporting to the Secretary General”, said that on Nov. 17, 2006, the biggest industry project in Xiamen’s history, the 800 thousand-ton PX project, kicked off. The report said that this means a world-level petrochemical giant (Xiamen) is emerging. (Photo: the kick-off ceremony of the biggest industry project in Xiamen)
At the just-concluded two conferences, Zhao Yufen (˵µÁéâËä¨), a member of the CPPCC, led a proposal on terminating Xiamen’s PX project, because it poses a major hidden danger to public safety. The proposal was co-signed by 105 CPPCC members, and was named the top proposal at this year’s CPPCC meeting. China Business, a weekly newspaper, reported on Mar. 19 that PX is a dangerous chemical and carcinogen. Its production should be placed 100 kilometers away from cities to ensure safety. But in Xiamen, the center of the PX project is only seven kilometers away from downtown and from the national scenic area Guliangyu (Ⱥìʵ™Â±ø). Haichang district, which is within a five-kilometer radius of the project, has a population of 100,000. The project’s port is located in Xiamen National Nature Reserve of Rare Marine ...
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