Tainted Ginger’s Long Trip From China to U.S. Stores – Nicholas Zamiska and David Kesmodel

 Public Resources Images P1-Aj629A Ginge 20071118183242Yet another item on the list of unwelcome “made in ” products. From Wall Street Journal:

In July, two dozen Albertson’s grocery stores in California received a shipment of fresh ginger and put it on shelves. Several days later, state inspectors discovered that the ginger, which had been imported from China, contained a dangerous pesticide. State health officials warned Californians to avoid ginger grown in China.

But while the ’s country of origin was clear, the actual supplier — let alone the farm where it grew — was anything but. The path of this batch of ginger, some 8,000 miles around the world, shows how global supply chains have grown so long that some U.S. companies can’t be sure where the products they’re buying are made or grown — and without knowing the source of the product, it’s difficult to solve the problem. [Full Text]

November 19, 2007 4:04 PM
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